Friday, October 18, 2013

Polka dot obsession

My name is Renay and I'm a polkadotaholic!

And yep...These legs really are THAT white in real life.
It seems that no matter how much sun these pegs see, they remain this translucent shade of white. sigh.
Oh well, you get what you get. I'm not going to be running to a spray tanner any time soon. I fear the Snog Marry Avoid effect, eep!

This is the second pair of sweet scalloped shorts that I have made up.
The first pair were in a coral coloured linen and were so comfy, they were worn to death. literally.
And since the sun is now teasing us with its presence down here in the south, it was high time for another pair.

This fabric appeared at work a few months ago and I foolishly missed out on getting some. Then it appeared again! fool me once shame on you polka dots but fool me twice I think not! 
So I scooped up a few metres of this and a few of a lighter shade too. Cause I'm greedy like that.
It is a lightweight chambray with white polkas. 
Be still my beating heart!

This pattern really is drafted perfectly. The instructions are so good that the welt pockets are a breeze and the finished result is polished and professional.

I underlined the chambray with cotton voile to make it a bit more stable and opaque. Which worked and feels quite dreamy to wear.

There are a few boo boos to report however.... 
I shortened this pair a titch... now I feel they are too short.
Second boo boo was lining the back pockets in white cotton. It peeps out as you can see in the photo above. dang it. Such a good idea at the time... live and learn. 

Fabric: Polka chambray and cotton voile. 
Time: Two afternoons, maybe 6 hours. I know! took my time on these ones.
Fun Fact: Yes, I use spanners as pattern weights. They are Perfect for those funny shaped facing pieces and what not... 

Hope y'all are swell!

The end


  1. Lovely shorts! I want linen shorts this summer in a rainbow of colours.

  2. They are perfect - not too short at all! And white legs are soooo in - no skin cancers for you!

  3. These are too adorable in polka dot!

  4. I love this pattern and the polka dot chambray works so well - and I concur with the other commenters - the length is perfect. I so need shorts now that summer is on us. You rock the pale legs BTW.

  5. Ooh, pretty! Polka dot chambray sounds indeed dreamy to wear. :) I actually like the white pocket lining peeking out. Adds a bit of interest, kinda like piping, without adding bulk...

  6. Oh, dear Lady! I understand your obsession with polka dots .... these shorts are gorgeous and the fit is perfect .. where I live there is a saying, "No two without three", so you should make the third shorts!! They are beautiful!

  7. Thanks rosy!
    Yes ok a third pair is in order :-)
    Maybe some bright ones? I think yes!

  8. Yes let's go with that piping idea... Hehe
    Very nice to wear indeed. Thanks xx

  9. Haha thanks!
    Yup as soon as I saw this fabric, I thought if the sweet shorts pattern... Winner. You need this pattern!

  10. Thanks rach. Yes, still waiting for white legs to come into fashion...

  11. I love these shorts on you... dont think they look too short at all! If you dont like the white peeking out of the pocket could you add a button to keep it closed?


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