Monday, October 28, 2013

Swimming Pool Skirt: Sewaholic Hollyburn

This is a short and simple post.
I made a skirt, hooray.
Hollyburn skirt to be exact.

This fabric came from my work (I know, like a broken record right...).
It's a rayon/viscose/nylon blend which I have never come across before. It feels like a dream! 
It also reminds me of the reflections in a swimming pool. 
Boo Dogg also bagged herself some of this stuff! I cannot wait to see what she makes...

I actually made a frock for frocktails from this very same fabric (A Sewaholic Lonsdale, fancy that!) which I haven't blogged about, you can read about the awesome night here thanks to the lovely Poppykettle. 

Oh wait, a gust of wind!

This is a great pattern to breeze through in a couple of hours. 
Well drafted with straight forward instructions. Too easy.
And the pockets! so good.

I chose view B with the waist tabs in the mid length.
You can hardly see them in these pictures, but I found the perfect buttons in the stash to go with this fabric. I have a whole drawer of buttons and rarely have the opportunity to bust them out. It was nice to be able to sift through and pick a couple out!
Use your zoom peoples! They are green 1940's numbers with a pretty star-like imprint.

Fabric: Rayon/viscose/nylon blend
Time: approx 3 Hours and then some hand finishing of the waistband on the couch :-)

That's all folks.
What's everyone sewing?

Thanks to the wonderful hubby for playing photographer yet again :-)


  1. Just finished a Chardon, getting ready to sew a bouclé Anna (maxi version if I have enough fabric, it's a stashbuster) and trying to get over myself and finally finish that Datura! Having piping-fears....

  2. What a lovely skirt!
    I've almost finished my first dress, a very retro shaped Simplicity 2444
    And I've started to cut out another Simplicity 2444 which is going to be a purple/blue printed skirt and cape collar, with a plain black bodice.
    Pictures shall be going up on my blog once I have a spare hour amongst the uni work

  3. I love it! That fabric is the bomb. I am sewing a Simplicty 2444 in cotton voile .... I want to wear it for our lady-sewist-date on Saturday. Am dying to swish around and feel a bit fancy. Lots of jeans-wearing happening in my neck of the woods at the mo.
    I have bad indecision with what to do with my bit of that fabric. Thought I had decided on the Cascade Skirt, then went to the Tania Culottes. Then thought I should do a dress because I've got 3m of it. I can't decide!

  4. A Stitching OdysseyOctober 29, 2013 at 10:17 AM


  5. Your right, it is the bomb! So use it wisely...
    I'm up for a swishy dress this weekend too, I've just finished a Cynthia rowley simplicity pattern that needs to be taken out for a drink! Away with those jeans thanks... Can't wait!

  6. Looks like everyone is making up simplicity patterns over here! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  7. Haha piping fears... Understandable. I just finished a dress that used 9 metres of the stuff! I'm in love with all of the deer and doe patterns too... Sigh.

  8. for me it's not the distance as much as the fact that I've never used it before in my life... and with everything sewing-related that I do for the first time, stress kicks in! Got any tips for me?

  9. This is just lovely- what a fab fabric and pattern match!

  10. this is absolutely gorgeous! That fabric on your hair and skin just pops. Another winner my dear :)

  11. okay the obvious was staring me in the face here... thanks for slapping me :) *no more excuses now*


    i just posted up my progress on now three versions of Simplicity 2444!

  13. Conquered the fear :) Here's my Datura finished! Too bad it's to cold to wear it now....

  14. Rayon and viscose are the same thing (I can't remember which way around it goes, but one used to be a trade name and the other generic. It tends to be called rayon in the USA and viscose elsewhere like the UK, NZ, Aug) so that'll be why you haven't seen it around!

    The skirt is rad though - I bought some more fabric for a hollyburn today and I'm grumpy (as always) that I have to pre-wash it.


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