Thursday, October 17, 2013

And the award for best pirate reference goes to...

So let's announce these winners then!
I'm afraid that we can't all be winners but you are all winners in my eyes or something er rather... trails off with something inspirational for the losers...  
Kidding! You know I love you baby. Yes you.

Prize #1 will go to: Alice David...

 "What's a pirate's (and sewist's) worst nightmare?
A sunken chest with no booty!"

I mean, come on, it was no contest... 

Prize #2: Lexi

For her fabulous tips on domains and lame pirate jokes also!

Prize #3: Rachel

For her lack of knowledge on the whole pirate issue... I was like you once!

Winners please contact me @ so I can get your details :-)


Ps. I can't help but feel a little deflated now that the blogiversary celebration is over... sigh.

Pps. I have been sewing so much that I have not been blogging. I will be back with some goodies soon!



  1. Oh yay! Thank you so much - I am very excited and now doing a little friday happy dance! Once again happy blogiversary and look forward to the next 100!

  2. Congratulations Alice, Lexi & Rachel! Happy bloganniversaries and jigs all round ;)


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