Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Toiles Away!

This is my toile of McCalls 6350. A pretty little Laura Ashley pattern.


What do I love most about this pattern you ask?
Why it's the cup sizes of course!
I love that this goes up to a D cup. I always want to make up patterns with lovely bust details but just thinking of the full bust alteration on a pattern like this gets me flustered!.
I am an E cup and the D cup of this pattern fits like a DREAM!

I am making it up in this pretty Japanese cotton from Tessuti.
And a contrasting black fabric from the stash :-)

The only thing I had to change was the shape of the darts... they were slightly...
erm.... pointy Madonna style. So I rounded them off.

Finished pictures to come, I'm wearing this out on the weekend! hooray


  1. Love the bust detailing! I have the same issue with the bust in patterns. I have worked with a few patterns that have cup sizes and they are very handy.

  2. Very awesome, the fabric is so pretty and I love the pleated bust detail!

  3. those are lovely colored fabrics, they contrast really well and highlight the bust detail, so pretty!

  4. looks like it's going to be a great dress!

  5. That looks beautiful! Can't wait to see it when it's finished :)

  6. I can't wait to see this finished!

  7. OMG! The shape of the bust makes me dream! I'm an A cup so my problem is generally that the bust is too big and I always have to transform it! So I understand very well your point of view ;)

  8. Ohh, lovely! Are you doing the view with the faux-panniers AKA droopy pockets? I love that one.

  9. Love it! This is going to be super cute!!


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