Sunday, July 10, 2011

Finished Project: Unfocused Night Dress...Finally...

Hi all. 
 Isn't it about time that I posted some photos of a finished project?
I recently finished this little Mccalls number and thought I'd better share.
You can check out the toile in my previous post. 
I Made the finished version from a lovely Japanese Cotton called 'Unfocused Night' from Tessuti Fabrics & some black gabardine from the stash. (It is much blacker that the photos show, thanks Mr.Flash). 
Please excuse the hair and face. We just got home from a weekend away and I am looking a little flat after sitting in the car and recovering from a few days of nothing but eating, drinking & exploring. 

Thanks again to Mr.Flash for showing up all of the wrinkles!
It all came together without any major blips and was reasonably quick....
I think I got most of the bodice done in an afternoon, interlining,boning, lining & all.
I used the pretty cotton for most of the bodice and the gaberdine for the under layer of the bust and for the skirt also. Gaberdine has such a nice drape!
I traded the skirt from the pattern for a self drafted full circle skirt. Nothing beats a swishy circle right?

As I mentioned in my last post, one of the reasons I purchased this pattern was that it came in different cup sizes. These things are important for a full busted lass like me. 
It goes up to a D cup size but that seemed ample enough (I am an E cup normally). 
The D cup fits perfectly! Hows these crazy pattern sizes... sheesh.

Trusty bow belt, you are the greatest!
I did however have to take a LARGE (and I mean huge!) amount off the back pieces. I seem to have that problem with most patterns. I must have a small back or something...
The front fits and side seams are where they should be, but the back has at least 2 - 3 inches too much.
Does anybody else have this problem?

I shaved a chunk from both sides of the middle of the  back bodice pieces and it worked out fine. 
It is perfectly snug now.
The other alteration made was to the bust darts.
They came out pointy.... and I mean Madonna Pointy!
I re-sewed them with a much curvier shape and they came back from the 80's. 

This was my first time using boning - Easy Peasy as it turns out!
And again, finished with a handpicked vintage metal zipper.

I would love to make another version of this in brighter colours and with a different skirt.
The possibilities!
The insides too you ask? 
It is lined with a soft purpleish cotton. Comfy!
I managed to get some dodgy iphone photos for your enjoyment...


Thats all folks! Thanks for looking :-)
Let me know what you think.
Hope your all swell...

(Thanks to my lovely gent for the pictures. You are the best ox)


  1. It's beautiful! :) The fabric drapes beautifully in the skirt :)
    Nice to know about the large cup sizing. I have a pattern that has separate pieces for different cups, but it only goes up to a D, and I'm an E like you. I'll try a toile before I do a little FBA :)
    Ashley x

  2. Oh wow so pretty! I love that you used two different types of fabric to construct it.

    I get that thing with the back too - and generally most patterns are big in the bust for me - even ones that are meant to be 30" - I'm not sure if my shoulders are narrow - they tend to gape at the back and the front - above my bust-line.

    The insides of your dress look fantastic too. I'm still getting my head around lining a dress with a centre-back zipper. I'm sure it's easy but I've never done one before. My next project which I'm cutting out now will be lined so I'll guess it'll be easier to work out when I have all the pieces in my hand.

  3. Oh and can I ask how you get such good lighting in your house? My pics are coming out dreadful in all this Melbourne gloom.

  4. What a gorgeous dress. It looks quite difficult, too. (Boning?! Yikes!!) I'm a sucker for Japanese fabric--it works well here... thx for sharing.

  5. What a beautiful dress! The drape, fit and finishes are all superb!!!

  6. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L! I also loved the green/blue fabric of your toile!

  7. It looks so pretty. I love the print you used.

  8. Your dress makes the pattern look much better than it did when I first saw the pattern. Really a great looking dress. It suits you well.

  9. great pairing of pattern and fabric, looks gorgeous! want to make this for myself now!

  10. Love!! What a great way to use small swatches of fabulous fabric.

  11. It's a stunning frock,and as usual,you have done an impeccable job of it! Beautiful fit!
    I would never have guessed you were an E cup!

  12. Gorgeous! Is that the pattern that has the jumpsuit in it as well? I really want to make that jumpsuit. Good to know it has the different cup sizes. The dress looks stunning on you. Great work!

  13. i've seen this pattern but i wasn't really impressed with the envelope picture... i think you changed my mind, though! it looks gorgeous on you, perfect fit & i love the fabric!

  14. I have that thing with the back as well, not as much as 2-3 inchs but still. I though it had to do with my normal sized shoulders and my E cups. They must spread all those extra inches evenly or something?

    I havent had that experience with colette patterns but when I put the front and backs together I am surprised how much narrower the backs are drafted then the fronts. Interesting. Maybe the major pattern companies cannot get their heads around this idea?

  15. You've done such a beautiful job. Looks stunning!

  16. Beautiful dress! It's looks amazing on you.
    Love your shoes

  17. Beautiful dress! I've been considering this pattern as well, along with all the other cup-sized patterns (I'm an F cup). Glad to see that it works and looks so stunning.

  18. Wow. That is one beautiful dress. The bodice is quite interesting, and I love your nude shoes. Tessuti have really lovely fabric, but oh the cost!!.

  19. Such a gorgeous dress, you look stunning (as always!). The possibilities for other versions are vast! Can't wait to see what you come up with


  20. Love the dress! And your hair and makeup look perfect too-love the red lipstick! :D

  21. Gorgeous! I love your retro furniture and decor too!

  22. What a beautiful, elegant dress. You look lovely.

  23. I've noticed all the backs of my dresses have too much fabric, too... Hmmm, shaving off inches in the back sounds scary!!! I really need to embrace the toile step of dressmaking!

  24. Gorgeous dress. Just turn the flash off, I tend to take a lot of no flash ones inside during the day. Very rare I use the flash.


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