Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday, I've got buttons on my mind...

Last week I my lovely man had a day off so of course I wagged work to spend the day with him, strolling around the wintery Melbourne city. Eating, drinking, shopping & exploring.
We had breakfast at one of our favourite little cafes in Central Place and looked around the shops.
All the usual ones... T2, Alannah Hill, Anton's, Lush and the rest.
I wanted to take a look at Buttonmania, as I havn't been there before.
(Every single time I have visited the shop it's been closed! no luck).
But on this day it was open. It was so busy that I didn't really get to have a good look though.
But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, I was hovering around the front of the shop & happened to stumble upon another little shop in the same building.

What a pretty little shop. I picked up some lovely buttons, thread and a belt buckle...
I also grabbed some vintage threads- Olive green nylon & black cotton. They work on the Pfaff like a dream.... ahhh...

Also... The woman behind the counter was so lovely & helpful. Thank you!
I recommend that everybody nearby check it out. There was way too many buttons to choose from so I just took a lucky dip.  

Does anybody have any ideas of what to make with these beauties?
I need something that will show them off :-)

Hope you all had a great week.
What is everybody sewing?
I've got a few things on the go, and a new Beignet to show you all!
If only it would stop raining...

Tally ho!


  1. oh WOW! That belt buckle is AMAZING and the buttons are fabulous! Great finds!!!

  2. what adorable buttons. That is certainly one fabulous belt buckle

  3. aww, the blue ones are so cute!You have shops entirely dedicated to selling buttons?...mind...blown!


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