Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Okay so maybe the title needs work. But who cares because it's GIVEAWAY time!!! Yippeee...
I promised a giveaway at 80 followers so without any further suspense....
Here is whats up for grabs!

Prize #1
2 Vintage Simplicity Patterns, Both size 14 (34" Bust)

The one on the left is a cute nightgown pattern with three styles, or you could use it for a dress. either or.
The other, is a dress or two piece with big patch pockets and a collar. I never got around to using it but I would love to see it made up!

Prize #2
2 Pieces of vintage fabric

A white and light blue baby houndstooth:

Measuring: Approx. 91cm (35") Selvedge to Selvedge
144cm (56.5") in Length
This was listed as wool when i purchased it, it is lightweight and woven, But I havn't come up with anything to make with it, I would love to see what somebody could do with it!

The other piece of fabric:

Measuring: Approx. 156cm (60") Selvedge to Selvedge
172cm (68") in Length
I have no idea what this is, It was given to me with a lot of other fabrics still sitting in my stash.
There have been two squares cut out of this piece on a single layer... not too much a loss.
It feels like a woven cottony lineny (Technical terms) type thing. But I am no fabric expert...
There may just be enough to squeeze a dress out of.... I think it would make a great Beignet.... tee hee
It even has the tag still on... Made in Italy!

Can you make out what it says???
And Prize #3
A pretty antique-gold "Olga Berg" Clutch/Purse

Brand new Olga berg purse, made from a sparkly gold rayon. Kiss lock closure and gold chain (You can also remove the chain to make it a clutch)
Lovely gold lining with a little pocket for your lipstick/phone/etc.
Its small, but big enough to fit everything you need to take for a night out!
Its not vintage but has the right kind of look.

So that's the goodies my friends.

Now for the RULES!

1. You must be a follower to enter... that's an easy one for one entry...
2. For a second entry, Mention the giveaway and link to it from your own blog.
3. For a third entry, I want you to post/link to a picture of what your working on at the moment, this can be sewing or knitting or anything else that's crafty!

Competition is open to everyone, all countries
& Closes on Saturday at Midnight (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Please leave a separate comment for each entry, So I can properly pick the lucky winners & do specify which prize/s you would like to win :-)

So that's all folks, Any questions or queries can be eeeeeemailed to me! renay.w@hotmail.com
 Best of luck and happy entering!!!


  1. I'm the first! I'd love to be entered for the first prize - the patterns. Great giveaway!

  2. the fabric!!!!! the checky cotteny lineny stuff would make fantastic shorts for the boy! and i'm sure the blue would make a cute frock for tiny! loving the patterns too! (although i'm a tincy bit bigger than that!

  3. http://undomesticatedscientist.blogspot.com/2010/09/pink-things.html this is what i've been working on inbetween school meetings about writing and cleaning up wee smelling carpet (potty training is such fun!)

  4. What a wonderful giveaway! I would love to be entered for the pattern prize please. Hope you are having a great week.

  5. I'd love to be entered for the pattern giveaway! And happy 80 followers! (Are you only counting Google followers? I'm following you on bloglovin'...)

  6. The pattern on the right is absolutely adorable! What a great giveaway!

  7. Oh! I love those two patterns, but the bag is also quite nice. I do need to sew myself a nice proper nightgown, so I'd love to win those patterns!

    Congrats on the follower count!!

  8. Oooh lovely things!! Enter me please. I'm ashamed to admit that my craftiness is well on the backburner and I'm trying to jazz my room up instead. Does that count?

  9. Congratulations on 80 followers! I would love the fabric...I'm a sucker for houndstooth!

  10. Here's a link to my shout out alert! Fabric Lover! http://sewfastembroidery.blogspot.com/2010/09/giveaway-alert.html

  11. Now you're up to 85 followers. Congratulatios!! I'd love a chance at the patterns or the fabric. Somehow, I think, winning something will help me get my sewing mojo back.

  12. I follow! I love the fabrics, that's definitely the prize I'd choose.


  13. My current project is a lace sweater from a 1930s knitting pattern in lace weight alpaca/silk yarn.


  14. 80 followers, congratulations!!

    I love both the fabric and the patterns... but I have so much fabric already, I'd love to win the patterns! The one on the left would make the cutest dress!

  15. And here is my blog post & link to your giveaway :) would love the patterns!

  16. HI !!!! I absolutely love the patterns .The 30's and 40's are my fav era,I have a believe I had another life before back then :)LOL
    By the way I posted the blog to your contest as well as the wall quilt I made(because it the most recent)
    and yes my little Husqvarna 19e wanted to make a guest appearance so managed to sneak himself into one of the shots as well !


  17. Oh I love a giveaway! I love the patterns as well as the fabric, being both a patternaholic as well as fabricaholic! I became follower 88! Thanks for entering me in your drawing. Hope I am a winner.

    Here's what I am working on----http://danvillegirl.blogspot.com/2010/09/sencha-2.html

  18. Fabric, please! I can already see a few projects I have planned in those pieces of material!

  19. I mentioned your giveaway at my blog http://cutekipepeo.blogspot.com/2010/09/giveaway-fat-quarter.html
    I really wanted to post a pic of the fabric but unfortunately, blogger is having drama and I cant upload any pics. sorry.

  20. I have several things going on, besides making cards for the various craft challenges i have joined am also sewing for my baby. I make him a shirt over the weekend and now working on a pair of pants to match, check it out at my blog http://cutekipepeo.blogspot.com/2010/09/celebration-and-sewing.html
    Not much but thanks for asking.

  21. I'd love to be entered for the fabric! That baby blue is so lovely!!

  22. i love the vintage patterns and the purse so i'd be up for either of those :) the fabric is lovely but i'm afraid my own stash is too big to warrant even the possibility of adding anything else! :D

    well... you have to be a member of ravelry to view this but i'm working on a cotton knit lacy shawl: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/sapientsaphead/lacy-stole-70337ad .

  23. i love the fabric and the patterns any would be great.

    my blog is


  24. What a great giveaway! I'd love to win any of those prizes!!

  25. I love the purse. I really love the purse.

    I also love the patterns.

    Great giveaway, thanks!

  26. What an amazingly generous giveaway! I would love, love, love to be entered for the vintage fabric...I've only stumbled upon vintage scraps before.

    I'm currently very close to finishing a delightful 1940s dress, which I have a good feeling about: http://asewingodyssey.blogspot.com/2010/08/unveiling-birth-of-new-project.html

  27. Congrats on 80 followers!

    I would love to win any of the prizes, they all look great!

  28. and I have mentioned your giveaway on my blog:


  29. I love the bag, I'm always glad when I find new things with a vintage look.
    Congrats on the 80 followers. I follower you on my reader so maybe you have more than you think ;)

  30. What lovely items. I am following as Renee G on GFC.

  31. Oh yes please! While everything is lovely, I'd like to enter for the fabric please! I agree about the beignet for the pinky fabric, it's sreaming 'skirt' to me!

  32. Me again, just blogged here with my current projects. Thanks

  33. Hi,
    I follow your blog (found you from SewRetro) - what a beautiful fabric, that italian whatever-it-is! (and B34 is my vintage size, so here's hoping I win.) :)

  34. Gorge! I'm obsessed with this purse and I'd love a vintage pattern to play with on my own.

    You're fab! Thanks for keeping things classic!!

  35. Between the fabric and the patterns I have no idea which to go for!

    I would love to be entered in for the fabric though!

  36. What an awesome giveaway! I love the patterns and the fabric! Thanks for sharing.

    My post is here - http://justsewtall.blogspot.com/2010/10/giveaway-not-mine.html

    Oh ... and I was follower 100 - congratulations!!

  37. Okay so I so need you to school me on the vintage patterns I have a local thrift store that always has tons....but the sizing I just don't get? have any good links for understanding the sizing and how to know what size you are in these??? ~Cute purse...and the fabric is nice as well Love the texture in linen like one...I am always attracted to texture in fabric ~Love Heather


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