Sunday, September 26, 2010

Busy Bee on Day 23

Today I needed something loose and easy to wear because I was working at the sewing machine all day.
Jeans and cardi it is!
And the self stitched silky top. 

The dress (well half of a dress) on my mannequin is for a friend. I am finally making some progress, YAY
The pattern is self drafted and the fabric was chosen by my friend,
It is a stretch cotton sateen with paint splodges all over it. Its nice and shiny.
Its a little long at the moment, waiting to be hemmed.

It was so nice and warm today, spring is finally here, the sun is coming back!
There is not long left for self stitched september, phew...
I've enjoyed it, but it has been way harder than I thought... Next time I will be more prepared...

But thats all for today folks. Check back in tomorrow, the Giveaway will be announced! woo hoo

Take care :-)


  1. Love your outfit, and your shoes are wonderful. Thanks for mentioning the surger books if i come across any good ones i will let you know..Have a great week!

  2. the print on that dress is great!

  3. I really need to get one of those mannequins before we moved I made a duct tape one but it did not make the move from Florida. It is really nice having one when you make clothes. The material is very pretty and that is such a teaser picture I can't wait to see it when it is done!! . I made a cute wrap skirt last week I will have to post some pics soon. Enjoy your sewing ~Love Heather

  4. Hey miss... Here is the pattern I used for my pants:

    splodges dress lookin good!


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