Friday, September 10, 2010

Dig Lazarus Dig!.... Days 8 & 9

So its finally the end of the week! Woo hoo
In exciting sewing news...
Mr. Lovely is taking me shopping for a new dress form tomorrow. Gosh, could he get any better!
He spotted a 60's model made entirely of wood and in good nick, we shall go hunt it down tomorrow... 
Days 8 & 9 are a little more exciting than the past few days because we had dinner dates both nights.

On day 8 we went out with our fellow classmates for a spot of thai and some vino.
The curry and conversation were good, but the walk home in the rain... not so good...
Mr. Lovely took a snap after the downpour

Day 8:

I wore my red Macaron dress, so comfy...
 This is me hugging my current project, another version of the Lady Grey Coat by Colette Patterns .
I have made this before but the colour was too..... eh...something. Not quite right.
This version is in purple and grey tartan & is coming together nicely.

In this photo you can also spot:
a) a bike
b) a rack piled full of finished and unfinished sewing pieces
c) my poor used and abused dress form
d) a myriad of other mess...


On day 9 we planned to go out for dinner but plans fell through and we ended up relaxing with some friends, ordering pizza & pasta and watching 'Dumb & Dumber' (Yes it's still funny).
So I opted for comfort.

Day 9:

This is just how I hang out on the doorstep....

This is a Cynthia Rowley for Simplicity pattern, and is good if you are feasting, Lots of room haha
And a flattering waistline.

So thats all in sewing news.... for now....
Thanks for all the lovely comments and encouragement,
Self Stitched September has been tougher than first thought, I'm just not organised enough!
But it is fun all the same.
How are the other SSS participants keeping up?
Good luck & See you in the soup...


  1. I keep seeing that skirt everywhere, and keep wanting to make one!! Your bangs are super cute by the way. Thats what I keep attempting with mine, but they always end up a little crooked.

  2. Yay new dress form - fun! Love the Macaron Dress on you as well, so pretty!

  3. I adore the macaron frock,the colours you chose really show off the design.
    Lucky you if you manage to get that 60's frock form!!Fabulous!I've just got a boring basic one,but it was a gift,so I can't complain.Except for the fact that I can't fit it in my sewing room!

  4. Reneebies: You should make it, I think it took only a couple of hours. So easy and pretty. I plan to make a rainbow of them...
    Thanks Tasia!
    Helgsy: Dress forms are expensive so I've found out! you are a lucky duck to get one as a gift. My sewing room is also full of.... junk


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