Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Crikey! Day 7

So I was running very late yesterday and got NO paparazzi shot...  No good. 
I was only wearing the navy cardi again, So you didn't miss out...
Today I wore a blouse using this pattern:

Mine isn't as pretty as the pattern picture, It was an early project but was so quick and easy, made up in a silver and gold lurex for some extra sparkle! I have made the scalloped version also, I'm a sucker for scallops!

Exhibit A:

ohh serious face

Thats all for taday chaps, its bed time...., zzzzzzzzz


  1. Oh it's gorgeous! Love your choice of fabric.

  2. Super cute! Modern fabric + vintage pattern = a cute and simple little blouse!

  3. Very cute. It looks so modern!

  4. I think it looks just like the pattern - you can't beat a bit of sparkle! =)


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