Sunday, September 12, 2010

Such a Perfect Day, Drink Sangria in the Park...on Day 10!

Day 10 has come and gone already! And I'm definately running out of clothes to wear... must get stitching!
On day 10, Mr. Lovely took me shopping to Chapel Street to find a mannequin that he spotted a few days earlier. And it was still there! Woo, Its a solid wood 60's dress form and I got it for a steal at $190 !!!

Now I need a Name for her... Ideas Please!!??
Then we had some Japanese for lunch and headed to the city.

We trotted around the city stopping at Lush and a few other places & had a fancy beer at Beer Deluxe
... But the main attraction was yet to come...
 Tessuti Fabrics, I have never been there before.... and it was amazing, I'm hooked.
Bolts of beautiful fabric everywhere. Designer silks, Japanese cottons, and gorgeous prints.
I could have taken it all home, But I couldn't fit it in my shopping bag.... 
Oh and I'm not as rich as Donald Trump, Thats always a downer.
So I just picked up Some silk (?) that was on sale for $10 a metre.

beautiful green, cream & orange

And I also picked up a stretch cotton for an upcoming project for a day of horse racing...
It looks like it has been painted, black brush strokes & light pink and grey tones on some of the flowers.

After drooling and spending way too much time dragging Mr. Lovely around Tessuti Fabrics ("Look at this one", "oooh Look at this one") It was time to leave, Sad face. 
We took some photos in the graffiti Lane, as everybody does,  these are my paparazzi shots for Day 10:

Me made 'Jenny Skirt' from Vintage Houndstooth, never mind the wrinkles.... 
We wandered around the city trying on perfume, looking at jewellry and scouring the vintage stores.
We found a new one (6 Days old) that had a select range of ladies vintage, They find it, fix any imperfections such as zippers and buttons and resell.
If you are in the city go to Harry Wragg. And if you go upstairs... You will find a button store!!!
I couldnt resist this nautical mini skirt, It was a perfect fit and the colours are so bright :-)

By this time we were tired. We went and had dinner at the Pancake Parlour 
& then drove home for tea and dessert.... Such a perfect Day.

Groping a cartoon.... real mature
Wow this turned out to be a long post...
What did everybody else get up to on the weekend?
take care chickens :-)
ta ta


  1. Well, inspired by her colour and one of your current projects, perhaps you can name her...

    Lady Grey? or just Lady?

    I've got a red one that my mom named Ruby.

  2. ohh Ruby is a lovely name... and Lady Grey is a good idea too.... hrmmmm


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