Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 22, Comfy Cardi & Exciting News

On day 22 the Comfy Cardi came in handy, it was cold and windy outside and I needed something that was warm and friendly!

Looking nice and crumpled!
SSS is going so quickly, theres only 11 Days left, eep...

But the exciting news?

This little blog has been going since June and I have finally hit 80 Followers!
So I'd like to say a big thank you! to all of you who come by and have a read or leave a nice comment.
Its so nice to get feedback and meet you all :-)
And now I'm wasting more time on the internet than ever, haha
I never expected to get 10 followers, let alone 80! 

As promised, there will be a GIVEAWAY announced in the next few days.
There will be some little bits and pieces up for grabs so make sure your reading!

Also, I met a lovely man at the sewing centre today, He made my day!
It was my first time at this particular place (they just moved there) and this man and his wife run the place and couldn't stop talking about how great Pfaff's are. 
They were great! I've never met a man so in love with sewing machines...
Well maybe Peter!

He was so helpful and I ended up buying a new foot for my machine. 
$42 !!!!! for one foot!!!
anywho, they had lots of great stuff there and they are only 3 minutes from my house (tee hee)
I can't wait to go back there and ogle all of their machines and bits and bobs!

Thats all folks 
Hope your all happy and sewing


  1. Love your cardigan...the buttons immediately said this is special, custom. Then you notice the other details.
    Well done!

  2. Yeah happy blogging!! You have a cute blog so happy I stumbled upon it ~ You look cute as a button, as always ;D Love Heather

  3. oops I am having issues with my blog lol!! my name is not Thomas...gosh I hope I don't look like a Thomas heehehe... :D

  4. That is a gorgeous cardigan! Did you use a pattern for that?

  5. I agree - the buttons are great. It is a lovely cardigan. And congratulations on 80 followers - you have a great blog!

  6. Wacko,babycheeks! I always knew you'd be popular!!!
    Looking gorg,as per usual!

  7. My new 'new hobby' is knitting. Ebay thankfully has my support :)
    Had no idea so many vintage needlework supplies out there..


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