Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ahoy there Beignet!

 Another abandoned project, finished on this lazy weekend
The Beignet Skirt by... you guessed it... Colette Patterns.

It was all going great....
That is until it came time for the buttonholes... ALL 12 OF THEM!!!
So I got lazy and left it in the corner, until today.
All 12 Buttons were sewed on and all 12 Buttonholes were... buttonholed?

I scored this red and white candy stripe seersucker from ebay for around $7 (approx. 3 mtrs)
& still have another metre and a half, another dirndle perhaps???
I really love sewing with seersucker! I want need more!
I made a plain red belt for this Beignet also, just in case I want a change.
The buttons are just plain red two holed numbers. 

It was fun to sew and I wantto make another one... in purple... and spots... and...
Sometimes I get addicted to patterns and want to sew it in a rainbow of colours! bad.
I love the way the lining is sewn into this skirt. Its such a good pattern!
I used pink faille for the lining so its warm enough for the cooler spring days.

So, another one bites the dust. The unfinished pile is getting smaller! finally...
Update on Self Stitched September tomorrow :-)
Hope your weekends are going swimmingly!


  1. This is beautiful love the red seersucker...I used to hate button holes but my new machine is actually fun I enjoy them now! Imagine that! ~Looks Wonderful ~Heather

  2. I love this skirt! the seersucker fits the pattern so well! Great job!

  3. Oh it's just lovely! I love it in seersucker. Seersucker is not something I would have chosen either, but this is just dashing! I can't wait to see how you wear it!

  4. you crazy! I love making buttonholes. maybe I should get this pattern :-)

  5. just gorgeous! i LOVE the red seersucker, it seems like it would be so versatile!

  6. That looks awesome! I wore my beignet to work the other day and all day couldn't stop thinking of what other colours to make it in. I think next time I am going to leave out the pockets because the stick out funny when I sit down and it bugs me.

  7. Oh my! Your version of the Beignet skirt is so adorable! That red and white striped seersucker fabric is to die for!!!

  8. Cupcake Goddess: Thanks for the nice comments!
    Reneebies: I don't mind buttonholes, sometimes I just get distracted and want to start something else.
    Kat: I know what you mean about the pockets, But it kind of works on my boyish figure, it makes it look like I have some hips. I love your version too!
    Miss Dandy: I love seersucker and stipes so it was perfect. I want to make your 70's pants next!

  9. hello! I just came upon your blog & am already a huge fan! This beignet is adorrrrrable & makes me want a big mug of hot cocoa with a peppermint stick. Looks like yours will be my go-to blog if I ever make something from Colette. :)

  10. The color really pops, so cute and sweet...

  11. That is cute as a button!! I'm keen to see it in all colours and patterns!Yet another beautiful job,and man,your sewing mojo is steaming!!!

  12. This is so cute! it really is a fantastic version of Beignet. And I agree it´s a wonderful pattern! Great job!

  13. Oh my word, that is amazing! Inspired choice of fabric and colour.

  14. That is one beautiful skirt! It's fresh and yummy. Job well done! :)

  15. SO very cute!! It's pretty and fresh in the seersucker. Way to take the plunge and go for the buttonholes, scary eh? Yours turned out wonderfully.

  16. This is really cute! I love slim skirts with built-up waistlines. I'm working on one right now actually :]


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