Monday, September 20, 2010

Days 16, 17, 18 & 19

Ohh somebody has been a bad documenter... 


Days 16, 17 & 18 of SSS have no paparazzi shots. But trust me when I say I wore:

My self stitched cardi on Day 16 to work and the supermarket
My self stitched sencha blouse on Day 17 to work
& My refashioned vintage Sailor skirt on Day 18...

I promise... 

Today I wore a black blouse made from this vintage Simplicity pattern:

It is not my greatest work but hey, its black and perfect for work attire.
The yoke was quite tricky to sew, I think I used a trillion pins!
I want to make it up in a red gingham too like on the envelope!

So here is the hard evidence, This is me with NO make up besides red lip gloss. 
I don't feel like myself without mascara and concealer. Thankfully the flash is quite forgiving.
Thanks to Mr. Lovely again for the photos, you are so handy!

Thats all folks :-)
Have a Lovely week!


  1. Oh very cute!....this is a great top you could wear this with alot....I am hoping to dig into a wrap skirt pattern today..I found some very nice linen like fabric with an earthy print on it. ~you look great! ~Heather

  2. oh this is sooooo cute!!! i'm a sucker for bows :) and i made a mistake in my entry for the pattern i used, it was simplicity 2588 (not 2563), it's a project runway pattern and super easy :)

  3. I love your shirt. And you really do look great with no make-up.

  4. Oh!! You look so pretty!! You don't need more make up! I love your blouse!! Thanks for your comment in my blog! =)

  5. I've been very bad at documenting my SSS outfits. I can't seem to figure out how to take a pic of myself - duh! I love the black top!

  6. Oh puh-lease! Your no-makeup look is my fully made up with concealer and foundation look. You look fab! I love that top, definitely make the gingham one!

  7. You look GORGEOUS in your black blouse!! Absolutely beautiful, honestly. I love it.


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