Friday, September 17, 2010

Easy Gathered Skirt on Day 15

This is what I whipped up last night in some sort of sewing frenzy.

A simple Gathered skirt made from a pretty patterned fabric that I picked up in Darwin
So ladylike and easy, but most important of all comfortable!
I finished this up in less than 2 hours. There is a 5 inch hem so it hangs quite nicely.
It looks much nicer in person & with my self made petticoat that I forgot to put on for these shots
oh well... next time...

I'm going to make up another one tomorrow in a lovely teal taffeta with a few more gathers, Yay
This could be the beginning of another skirt addiction! Look out!

Thanks to Mr. Lovely again for playing photographer  ox
Have a good weekend ladies and gents
What are you all sewing???


  1. That looks great! I love gathered skirts. They are just so easy to make and are a great addition to the wardrobe.

  2. LOVELY! It looks absolutely fantastic on you and I adore that fabric. I really must make myself one of these soon!

  3. Stunning, I'm so jealous that you can pull that out in one evening. Yesterday I literally only sewed one seem.

  4. This looks fantastic. Is it from a pattern? Also, what brand stockings are you wearing?

  5. I can't believe you can make somthing so gorgeous so quickly! I think I spent 2 hours swearing at the pattern of the last thing I tried to make, then gave up in disgust.

  6. Pretty! Me knitting..

  7. You look stunning - I love the stockings. I love dirndl skirts.

  8. That's a lovely gathered skirt! Love the fabric!

  9. I simply love the skirt and the hosiery you've paired it with. Such a great sophisticated look and something that I don't see often with a dirndl. Gorgeous. So impressed. Wish I could steal it right off your body. With the stockings of course. Oh and the necklace.

  10. Gorgeous skirt!! I keep meaning to make a decent skirt....bit being a prize slacker,I haven't!
    I am trying to motivate myself to start on G's birthday outfit......instead I'm perving at fab outfits on fab gals!

  11. It's so pretty and swingy! I love your seamed stockings too.


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