Monday, July 5, 2010

Style Icon - Alannah Hill

So Peter and Sarah got me thinking about style icons....
I have many, and often get inspiration from random people in the street or on the online... errr street?

Here is one major icon,

Alannah Hill

Lace, hearts, stockings, red lipstick... her clothes are like a dream. Floaty, Fascinating & oh so girly.

She moved from Tasmania to Melbourne when she was 16 ("with a suitcase full of costumes" she says) and literally walked into some boutiques selling her ideas. It seems to have worked for her..
I love love love pretty much anything that she designs, beautiful floaty dresses, pretty skirts, bags, fur (fake, but still beautiful. I don't think I could wear a real fox and feel good about it...I used to have these dreams.... but thats another story...)
Going in to one of Alannah Hill's stores is an experience in itself. There is lush velvet everywhere, soft feminine music and her gorgeous delicate designs all around. The decor is magical and there are cabinets full of amazing jewellry and accessories. 

Oh I'm in love.... I recommend everybody check her out, ASAP! The clothes are well made and worth the (Sometimes Hefty) pricetag.
I don't even mind not eating for a week (possibly 3) to add another AH piece to the collection (tee hee)

I will leave you with some eye candy, have a nice night ladies and gents!


  1. I used to like Alannah Hill but they she started making everything out of synthetics instead of the lovely natural fibres she used to use, so now I'm less of a fan.

    They are beautiful to look at though

  2. Oh, pretty!! And a pink store??? *swoon*

    Thank you so much for linking to me and leaving such a nice comment on my blog.

    Sarah :)

  3. I think she's lovely too!Very inspirational!I'd love to go to her store......

  4. They have them in NZ Helga. Go find one! But don't take your credit card. I've made that mistake before...
    Sarah: No worries, oh and I love the pink stores too!

  5. ps.Elise: I agree about the fabrics but there are still some made with natural fibres. They are usually harder to find these days though. There is an outlet on brunswick street too, but you probably already know that... you can buy her fabric there. amazing!


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