Sunday, July 4, 2010

Skirts Skirts Skirts

Here is the finished skirt...

The fabric was a .99c score from ebay. Batik, with a pretty peacock pattern, very pretty.
The best bit about the skirt is that is has big pockets, and the curvy top is very flattering (it reminds me of lips for some reason....?)

It took about 2.5 - 3 hours to make, Quick and easy! So I made another one!

Turns out, I have a skirt fetish....
Here are 3 different ones using Burda's Jenny Skirt

Hope everybodys weekend was great!
Outfit Posts soon...


  1. How cute! What pattern did you use for the first two skirts?

  2. Hi there, Loving your make up tips, I'm a huge benefit fan.
    The skirts are made using this pattern:
    Lovely pattern, so quick and easy!

  3. I love the peacock print - fabulous!

  4. Cute, especially the batik print version... You've been busy!


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