Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I didn't forget about the sunshine shrug... & Andi B. Goode Giveaway!

The knitting project is still going and taking a long time...
It has 230 odd stitches per row!
I'm not hating the colour yet, give me a few days and ask me again though tee hee
About a quarter of the way through so far.

In other exciting news...

The lovely Andrea over at Andi B. Goode is having a great giveaway over at her blog. You should go have a looksy, her blog is a great read and she is oh so cute and stylish.


  1. O!! You are so pretty!!
    And clearly a paragon of virtue to be able to knit!I've longed to be able to knit & crochet forever,but lack the patience!!!x

  2. Oh dont make my head swell. Knitting is easy,I'm also impatient. Knitting is way quicker and easier than sewing. You can see the progress and you can take it anywhere!


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