Thursday, July 15, 2010

Drum roll please.... Its GIVEAWAY TIME! Purse lovers and Pattern Users Rejoice!

Since The long and winding bobbin blog has been going for just over a month now, I have decided a little giveaway is in order!
 I am so excited to have 28 followers (ok so it doesn't sound like many but considering I thought that I wouldn't even make it to 5 its good. And you are all so cool and unique!) 

Whats up for grabs???


Item #1
Simplicity 3744: Cute 6 gore pencil skirt with waistband and left side zipper closing
3 versions: soft pleats, kick pleats, bow sash
Size 26 inch waist (for you tiny girls!)

Item #2
Vogue 8754: Lovely Slim skirt or dress with sleeveless bodice and welt pocket at side
flattering low round neckline, front and back! ( I have made this up, Its nice to work with)

And lastly

item #3
A cute little handmade purse that I picked up overseas
Made from a denim type fabric with crochet cherries! so cute
Has pretty bright green cotton lining and a kiss lock closure

Okay! The rules are as follows:

You know the drill, You need to be a follower of The long and winding bobbin
Just leave a comment with a link to your favourite dress pattern at the moment (or dress) & which prize you want to win (item #1, #2 or #3)
If you post this giveaway on your blog You will receive an extra entry! (Make sure you leave a second comment with a link to your post)
Entrants are welcome from across the globe, I will post to any country :-)

The 3 winners will be announced Next Friday 23rd July at Midday (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Winners need to send me their postal address within 3 days end of the competition! 

So spread the word peoples, the more entries the merrier!!!

Thank you lovely followers :-)


  1. I am loving this dress right now:

    I'd like to enter for skirt #1.

    smgjic [at] hotmail [dot] com

  2. Welcome. I love your work. It's very generous of you to host this giveaway. I'll toss my hat in for the dress pattern, item #2
    Thank you,

  3. I like #3
    but if you are in AU and I am in the US, it would cost a lot to mail it here.

    But I will be reading your blog, love vintage sewing.

  4. Right now I am drooling over the cornflower blue version of this dress-

    I need to figure out how to make it myself lol.

    I'm interested in the second pattern for the dress with welt pockets. I love the pockets!


  5. thanks for the give away..item # 3. please..oooh nice patterns, wish I could sew..would love the little cute jean coin purse please. ;)
    will also post this on my blog

  6. Hi! Thanks for the giveaway - how exciting! I'm interested in pattern number 2 if I win, it looks gorgeous!

  7. love your blog! found it on sew retro.

    as for the pattern i'm currently lusting after...

    &i would love #2!

  8. Count me in! If I should be so lucky, I have grand plans for item #2, even if it takes several months for it to ship to Canada via snail-mail (not a bad thing, really, as it will give me time to finish my other projects).

  9. Oh, fun! :) I am fancying this dress at the moment:

    and pattern no. 1 all the way!

    Bessie B.

  10. Right now I'm in Paris for the summer and I have been drooling over many a 1920's styled dresses here. If only I could afford just one!
    I love pattern #2. I can think of so many things to do with this one!

  11. Hi!
    what a lovely patterns!!
    I hope to win #2.

    Thank you! Love you!

    Mini Pheob

  12. I'd like #1 or #2, I just can't choose between the two!

    My favorite dress of the moment is a dress I made several years ago, but it's just so summery and delicious: Vogue 2962. Here's my version of it:

  13. I really love Vogue 8633:
    I confess I haven't made it, but it looks delightfully versatile.

    Were I to win I'd most prefer #2. :)

  14. I really like Retro Butterick B5209 -

    Though it is beyond my skills right now, I think this dress would make anyone look like a movie star.

    I would like to be entered for the Vogue pattern (#2).

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  15. I posted a link on my blog. Please enter me for pattern #2. Thanks again.

  16. Pattern 2 would be lovely! I do really like pattern 1 but I definitely don't have a 26 inch waist so that kinda rules it out for me.

    I'm currently lusting over this Vivien of Holloway dress -

  17. Hello, what the hay, I will enter a chance to win either the skirt pattern or the dress pattern. Thanks! Also congrats on your win on the Miss Dandy site!


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