Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sweet as Cherry Pie

I have been reading a few tutorials lately about making a pattern from an existing piece of clothing in your wardrobe and have been wanting to give it a try. I have had this cute top in my wardrobe for years but it was getting very worn and the zipper decided to catch on the fabric every time it was done up. Annoying!
So I thought I'd test out the pattern making technique on this little baby. Here's what I did...

Took out the craptastic zipper and the straps (they only button on so that wasn't too much of a workout!)

Took off all the buttons and started to unpick the little sucker.... (whilst carefully trying to remember how  it needed to be sewn together...I couldn't reaaallly be bothered trying to write it all down).

Also trying to dodge threads, they always like to stick to black!
How unfortunate... I'm still finding thread all over the house  

Set out the pieces on the new fabric and chop chopped it all out! I had to re-draft some of the pieces that were a bit too skewed to use.

All that was left to do then, was sew it all together. And Bob's your uncle.

And ta da! A brand new top in just a couple of hours...AND recycled the buttons

Very satisfying after trying to make the lovely little Butterick number a couple of posts ago and FAILING miserably! Looks like its muslin time...
I'm fussy with cherry prints and always see lots of dodgy ones but this one I thought was a bit cute and snapped it up. 

Anywho, There's still time (Til Friday) for all of you to enter the Giveaway so get your skates on :-)
Hope you all had a great weekend! I'll be back soon with a new flaming red dress which is almost finished!

Ciao now 


  1. That's very pretty! You did such a good job, you must have tons more patience than me =) x

  2. Thank you ladies, and disco goth, I have no patience, I threw the quick unpick accross the room many times!
    Bessie, I love your new halter top!

  3. That's such a brilliant idea! I've always wondered how to do that...
    -Andi x

  4. Love it!!Divine print!
    Ugh,toiles.Sooo tedious,but so necessary!!I try and avoid if at all possible!

  5. Well done! Such a pretty new top and I'm very impressed with your patience.

  6. make me want to learn to sew.

  7. Super idea :) The top and the cherry print are fabulous!

  8. Cute! It's tedious, doing all that unpicking, but well worth it to duplicate a well-fitting garment!


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