Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Butterick 5895 - The Gertie Shirty

Do you ever start a project hoping it's going to be a nice quick one and then half way through realise it's not as simple as first thought? 

Take for instance This pattern...

It was Sunday afternoon and I was running out of sewing time fast! 
So I snapped my fingers at this pattern thinking it would be quite simple with only 4 pieces!
That's right... 4 pieces! I'm all for quick sewing satisfaction. 
I wanna make an outfit, and I wanna make it in 2 hours, and I want to be wearing it yesterday! 

But I've got to tell you. 
There is some weird shit going on with the facings in this pattern. 
Now...truth be told, I didn't read the instructions/have a brain at the time so the details were a little sketchy. I'm sure it would be simple enough if I tried again but at the time, there was a lot of confusion around sewing those concave curves into the convex curves at the back of the collar. 

But we must press on in these situations. Eventually the brain cells rubbed together and the facings miraculously fell into place. Once it was done, I sat back and really appreciated the genius of Gertie's excellent drafting skills. The collar is wonderous I tells you. As is the rest of the thinggy (technical). 

My only qualm is that the back is cut in two pieces...I'm not sure why? Next time I will be cutting it on the fold. 
Look at this crappy polka dot matching!!! Look!!!

Now the pattern calls for approx 1.5 mts of fabric. 
I had 80cm + a little scrap of this silk cotton and was determined to make it work. 
With some "creative" cutting, it was in the bag. 
There is also a bit of hand stitching on this bad boy so after the facings drama I sipped a cocktail (Rum punch, thanks hubby) and finished off the hand stitching in time to wear it to work today. hooray!

I do feel a little bit like Rizzo from grease in this shirt...
Where is Kenickie when you need him?

Whats the score?

Pattern: Butterick 5895
Fabric: Polka dot Silk cotton.
Time: Way longer than it should have!


Ps. What are we all wearing to Frocktails???
Here is a sneak peek of my outfit...


  1. That tie up top is adorable! I plan on getting a few like this for summer to wear with skirts and shorts :D

  2. Oh it's fab! Well done for sticking with it. I seem to remember having a similar headache with convex and concave curves the first time I made a Beignet skirt, but it makes sense once you've done it. Looks amazing!

  3. Love that top and how you styled it!!! I also love any and all reference to Grease. Rizzo, in particular ;o)

  4. This shirt is super cute and just perfect with those jeans! I love that you made it in a nice cotton/silk, wearable but fancy.

  5. Cute!

  6. This is so gorgeous, even if it did take you a little longer than planned :) I so wish I was going to Frocktails! Have fun :)

  7. OMG when's Frocktails? It's in Melbourne, right? I NEED EXCUSES TO GET OUT (and make things!) xoxo

  8. LOVE the shirt. And woman, you make high-waisted jeans look HOT. I want your style. Definitely yes on the cut on the fold for future reference thing. Why, Gertie? Why?

  9. I love your version of this blouse!I just made the pants from the same pattern and they came out great, too!

  10. Looks wild! I had so much trouble with that pattern, and now don't even wear it GAH lol..
    wish I was headed to frocktails :(

  11. That's a cute blouse. The jeans are spectacular. You should totally trace 'em off.

  12. It looks awesome. Yay for polka dots and creative pattern cutting!

  13. This looks so cute on you! I love it!

  14. Yes to polka dots... a very weak spot for me :-)

  15. Yeah its a bit of a strange pattern! you should give it another chance...

  16. Thanks Juliette! I am off to look at your pants now...

  17. I know, why oh why! anyway, you live and learn apparently...

  18. Thanks :-) Cotton and silk are my favourites to wear... so silk cotton is a dream!

  19. Thanks Tilly. Sometimes patience pays off... eep.
    Yes I remember the same thing with the beignet! but its so worth it, I love that lining.

  20. Thanks! yes I think this is a good summer top. i am so low on separates. Time to get stitching!

  21. Super cute! I have this pattern and have been meaning to mak it for ages. I think it will be perfect for summer with some high waisted shorts.


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