Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Saturday Night Fever Dress

Well well, 2 posts in one week. Things are looking up around here...

A while ago, I entered the Tessuti Gridlock Sewing Competition with a last minute ditch effort.
The sewing gods must have been smiling upon me because I actually won a prize for this dress!

The lovely ladies from Tessuti offered up a $100 gift voucher for the store.... ummm yes please!
The only problem was that my Tessuti wishlist was somewhat gigantuous (understatement).

So I  shuffled up to the shop to have a feel around and fell in love with some black silk...
But this wasn't just any black silk, no. This black silk was like a scene from studio 54 with a dance floor full of dancers. I kid you not. Win! 

Lets all stop for a moment and bask i this fabrics gloriousness shall we!
I think it's silk chiffon...or something. hmm. But look at it! Loooook! 
Doesn't it make you want to start John Travolta-ing all over the place? 

Anyway, enough of that jibber jabber. People want details...
Fabric: (I forget but think it is) Silk chiffon with dancefloor border print from Tessuti
Pattern: Victory Patterns Satsuki (Oh my god Satsuki! true love)
Time: Two afternoons
Swear words screamed whilst roll hemming: Approx. 762

The chiffon was quite sheer so i thought this disco creation would have to be lined. I wanted it to keep the liquid consistency of the beautiful silk so I opted for some silk habotai from my work to give it a bit of opacity. Turns out... sewing rolled hems on all this wafer thin silk isn't as fun as first thought. 

Just a quick note about this pattern (And Victory Patterns in General...) its fecking amazing!
I have sewn up three of the Victory patterns so far and have had no issues at all. The drafting is so flattering and the fit is wonderous. I can see this dress becoming a summer night out staple. 

Look Ma, no arms!

 The sash was made out of the black habotai also, you can see that the black isn't quite the same black... how does that work? Anywho, no major biggie, nobody will notice at the discotheque.

The belt is threaded through two carefully placed buttonholes and helps define the waist on an otherwise sack-like frock. Sack-like simply does not work on my top heavy frame unfortunately. I dream of pulling off those light and breezy, loose creations like this hot woman.

Hooray, I made a dress!

Anyways. that is all for now. I will leave you with a stupid picture to peruse. 
My sensai master (Husband photographer) mentioned that this dress looks like a kimono and said I should show off my best karate moves. I have no moves evidently. 

kiii yaaa
Heeeee yaaa

The dancefloor is a different matter however.... You wish you could see these moves. 

ciao now 


  1. This is fabulous!!!!! You chose wisely-- what a great way to use your giftcard!

  2. Wow, this is lovely...that fabric is sooo cool and perfectly complements the pattern you chose! Loving your karate moved by the way ;o)

  3. I love this dress - it's similair to one I'm working on right now. PLEASE would you share your tips on working with a rolled hem? I've recently been trying to use my new rolled hem foot with little success. Please, thank you, gibber, crawl...

    1. It has taken much practice to get a nice rolled hem but now that I know how to do it, it is used on everything possible! The only tips I have are to start off by pressing your fabric over 1/8th inch and press over 1/8th again then sew this for a few inches. Then, with the needle down, lift the pressed foot and wiggle your fabric into the curvy rolls part of the foot (technical terms...cough). Then take it slow and keep enough tension in the fabric. It's much like driving a houseboat, take it slow and start steering early... Worst analogy ever. If you need pictures, I'm happy to oblige!

  4. I think mayhap that silk was destined to be a Satusuki. What a perfect combination!! It's GORGEOUS. Love it.

  5. That's great! Glamourous and I bet it feels lovely to wear. I want one of my own now!

  6. OMG that print is gorgeous to die for! I haven't sewn a Victory Pattern yet, but it's definitely on my list of things to do (Anouk first, I think).

  7. This is absolutely gorgeous. It's so foxy and you've kicked it right out of the park nice work :)

  8. That fabric...swoon!!! This dress is so lovely on you. Your making me want to buy all the victory patterns and sew them up ASAP!!!!

  9. Renee //nearestthepinNovember 3, 2013 at 3:41 PM

    This is amazing!! Love the fabric, love the dress - THIS is what the Satsuki is supposed to look like (mine is a disaster - heading back to the drawing board with this lovely dress as inspiration) thanks for linking up :)


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