Sunday, July 21, 2013

Out of a coma and into Papercut Patterns

Ok so who wins the worst blogger award? yup, that'd be me.
But who has the time to worry about such things? Let's press on shall we...

Though there has been minimal blogging activity in these parts, there has been manic sewing activity.
I recently finished up at my office job and started working full time in a fabric store...(I know, kid in a candy store and all that. I shopped there so much that they had to employ me soon or later). 

So life is pretty swell, I walk to work each the morning, stopping for the obligatory coffee on the way and traipse along to play with fabric all day. Pretty much.

So, what of the sewing you ask? Here is a little somethin somethin I whipped up last weekend.

Enter La Sylphide...

So I guess I'm late to the Papercut Patterns party, Fashionably late I hope. 
I was seeing beautiful papercut creations popping up  all over the interwebs. This spawned furious jealousy inside me! So much so that I decided it was high time something was done about this cumbersome urge. Cumbersome! (greatest. word. ever.)

Patterns were ordered toot sweet, Add to cart, add to cart!
FIngernail biting and sleepless nights ensued and then the lovely pattens were in my hands.
Laughing like a mad scientist, I retired to the sewing lair.

I shopped the stash. Of course a light summer cotton voile is perfect for this cold Victorian weather... okay maybe not. But who cares, practical shmactical!
I could sing from the rooftops about how much I love cotton voile. Whenever the wind blows, it whispers "cotton voile" "cotton voile" (said in best Enya voice). 
Cough, we simply must press on...


Nothing stunning to report about this make. It was pretty much completed in one afternoon. 
No major boo boos to report either. Simple sewing. My new machine even made the buttonholes a breeze (must tell you about the amazing buttonhole contraption one day!) and the plain white buttons were found in the button drawer. winner. 

So let's tally up the scores. 
Size: XS (No alterations, Perfect fit!)
Fabric: Cotton Voile from the stash, High Five!
Notions: 6 white buttons from stash, High ten!
Minutes spent obsessing lusting thinking over next Papercut pattern: 164 (approx)

So thats that. I have several projects up in the air as usual and will be working furiously on another Tessuti competition dress. Only 14 days left before comp closes and counting...EEK!

Hope you're all sewing your little fingers off.

Over and out rubber ducky...


  1. Cute!! Which fabric store are you working at? It would be such a dangerous job for me.....

  2. lovely make. I've yet to try papercut patterns. soon I hope.

  3. This is really gorgeous! The style suits you perfectly and I love your choice of fabric!

  4. That's a great look on you. Your photos are beautiful!

  5. Love love love! It looks awesome on you. I have been lusting after the papercut patterns as well but I am yet to purchase. So don't worry your not the last person on earth to try them :)

  6. That fits you perfectly! And your ankle tattoo is beautiful! It's like a china pattern :)

  7. This is so, so cute! Love this color on you!


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