Friday, December 10, 2010

Whats that.... New shoes.. why yes...

I have been lusting after these shoes for a LONG time. Too long in fact.
And today my friends... they are mine!
Oh joy! A christmas present from me to me.

You can find them here. I found these on ebay for less than half the price hence the excitement!

So, my dry blogging spell is over, I'm back baby and with new sewing projects none the less!
Hope you are all well and I will be scouting around all of your wonderfull blogs for some new ideas!
 Who is doing the crepe sew along?
I need some fabric ideas???
Take care and keep stitching :-)


  1. How very marvellous that you're back!!
    Those shoes make me droooool.....
    XXX Helgsy

  2. Geeez - these shoes seem almost unreal, that is how unbelievably cool they are! Congratulations and merry Christmas to you;-)

  3. oh my gosh those are so cute!! how ever did you find them to begin with? ~Enjoy those new shoes! Merry Christmas~Love Heather

  4. Oh. My. Gah!!! Not enough words to describe the fabulousness of those SHOES!!! Lucky you!

  5. Beautiful shoes !!!!!!!! XXXXX They are nearly as Beautiful as you my darling girl :)

  6. Hi! I LOVE Melissa shoes, and didn't even THINK of looking on ebay for cheaper options! Thanks for the tip!

    Good luck getting back into sewing projects! I've been away on holiday (and away from the sewing room) so am itchy for ideas too!


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