Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Petticoat twirling...

There is some serious petticoat fever happening around here.... its all I can think about!
I stumbled upon an awesome tutorial on Sugardale's blog for a 3 tiered petticoat.
I have been waiting for a tutorial like this for what seems like eons.
So I got excited... drove to the fabric shop straight away... and got cracking!

This is pretty much finished except for the waistband. I have since added a stripey rainbow binding. :-)

They are so fun to make and your circle skirts will look so full and pretty.
Even though I did feel a little silly asking the lady for 15 metres of ribbon at the shop...
Who needs all that ribbon! (is what her eyes said)
Sugardale recommends that you use crinoline as your fabric choice or tulle. 
I chose a light yet stiff crystal organza because it came in much prettier colours and I could not find crinoline for the life of me... anybody have any suggestions???

So the purple one is for a friend. I am making her a new years eve dress.
The skirt and lining is finished and now the petticoat, so only the bodice is left.... oh bodice, why do you mock me with your difficultness!!!

The fabric is a medium weight cotton sateen with slight stretch.
It sews like Butter!!! Hopefully I get this baby done by new years. Wish me luck...
(Those following would know that I have had this dress in the works for months now. yep months!)

I couldn't leave myself petticoatless (YES, its a word) so I snapped the whip and made myself one too. In a bright yellow :-)

So it turns out that it could double as a poncho too! okay maybe not...

I want one in every colour.
I have been spying a lovely olive green organza and a pretty array of gelati colours too.
The sky is the limit!

But for now...
The sewing will be put on hold for a few days because is Christmas time, hooray!

So Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.
I hope Santa brings you something nice, like some tupperware?
Time for lots of rest and post Christmas fabric sales... oh boy


  1. Have a wonderful Christmas!! love the petticoats super cute ~Love Heather

  2. I love your sense of humour, you make sewing sound so funny! I also love three tired petticoats and will give the tutorial a go....thanks for the link!

  3. Very cute petticoats! Makes me want to run out and make some too. May need to wait until after Christmas though...

  4. that is gorgeous! I really love the purple. Was it hard to make? Was it expensive to buy all that organza and ribbon? Sorry for all the questions. I have 2 petticoats both which I bought. One is black and cost $80 and the other was from ebay and is white and cost me $50. I am just wondering whether it would work out cheaper or about the same to make my own because like you I want one in every colour!

  5. You can get Crinoline at Joanne's:
    Be warned it is beyond stiff. You will find that it is easier to hand gather than use a machine.

    Crinoline I have found is usually in the utility section of a fabric store. Hope that helps your petticoats are great!


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