Monday, November 8, 2010

The Fairy Floss Dress

Hello Folks!
Yes I'm still alive,  it's been a long time between drinks...
I have been SO busy. I know I say that a lot, But this time its really really true I swear!
I have started my new job as a youth worker, been finishing up my studies, shopping, drinking cocktails and (of course) sewing like a crazy woman!
I actually have a finished project to show you (Jumps up and down.)
Oh wait its not finished, it needs to be hemmed.... but hey don't spoil my fun!!!

I present...
The Fairy Floss Dress :-)

The fabric was another Tessuti grab, a silk wook blend (I think thats what the lovely shop assistant said...) and it reminds me of fairy floss. It came in a gorgeous powder blue also ( I think I may just snatch some of that up too...) but my lovely gent REALLY wanted me to get pink.... what the? It has a lovely feel to it and has slight stretch, the texture is very flattering.

I used this vintage Butterick pattern that I scored from Ebay for a few dollars. I LOVE all of the pleats!

It all came together in about two afternoons. It was a surprisingly quick project! I would definately make it again, but I would take a few inches from the length of the bodice. I always have this problem! 
I need to take off at least 3 inches for it to be perfect but this little pink number still seems to fit ok. It is a pretty good fit in the waist and bust, I need to get my hands on more 50's Butterick patterns!

I really love the details in this pattern, so simple and stylish!
I chose cap sleeves and the collar because it's heating up here at the moment and I plan to wear this.
But I really want to make the longer sleeved version with the tie collar next time :-)
The sleeves are bound with a stripey binding from the stash, It matched perfectly!

I always wondered how these kickpleats were sewn, They are so easy! ridiculously easy. But they look great and sure make it much easier to walk....

Kickpleat and a very messy hem!
So all it needs now is the finishing touches. And a pink belt to match... 
Does anybody know of any good belt sources??? vintage or new?

Thanks for checking in peoples,
What is everyone sewing?????
Hope everyone is great! Take Care


  1. I love it, the colour, the pattern, everything. Gorgeous!

  2. I'm going to check out 50s Butterick patterns too! The black bow and belt is lovely - very dressy. How about a self belt made from more of your stripey stash fabric? Not sure of the terminology - using a belt buckle without a prong. Good work on the dress, it's beautiful!

  3. It looks really good. I have that pattern and I made my Social Studies dress from it. I just ended up sewing down the whole kick pleat, because once I sat down, it unfolded itself and looked horrible. But mine is in cotton, so I hope you don't have the same problem!!

  4. Beautiful dress! I love the colour and the kick pleat in front... so classy.

  5. I love this dress! You've done a beautiful job, and I also find that Butterick patterns from that period are nice to work with. Can't wait to see pictures of it on you!

  6. Beautiful job! The dress and fabric are gorgeous.

  7. That's so pretty! I love the fabric, and the dress looks marvelous. I have to say I think my favorite detail is the stripey binding!

  8. This is beautiful, I love all the subtle details!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the colour and the design. Might have to grab me a copy of that pattern!

  10. What a great dress - it's so pretty! I really like it with the black belt.

    Well done!

  11. Sooooooooooo nice! I just saw this on Sew Retro and lusted after it over there too. I think it looks awesome with the black belt. Or a red one might look cool? xxx

  12. Gorgeous! I love the colour.

  13. The colour is divine - and I love the kick pleat. I might have to duck into Tessuti for some of that fabric. I agree with others - a belt in the stripey binding fabric would look gorgeous, and then you could wear brown shoes too.

    Are you going to model it personally for us? I'd love to see it on.

  14. gorgeous colour, fairy floss is spot on! I quite like the black belt ( I'm a bit of a fan of the ol' black candy pink colour combo) but you could also do a self fabric belt if you have any fabric left over?

    x Ruby Slippers

  15. Wow! What a fantastic dress! I love kick pleats. Can't wait to see it on!

  16. love it I want one just like it.

  17. Oooo! I have this pattern! Your's looks great, I'm going to have to make mine soon.

  18. Oh wow, it's gorgeous! I lurrrrve the pleating and the tucks - such lovely details. Swoon!

  19. Such a pretty dress - silk/wool blend, so luxurious! The back pleating detail is so cool.
    I like it worn with the black belt for contrast!

  20. Oh that is so cute! or sew cute hehehe! you did a beautiful job on that one. Love the pattern~ Heather

  21. Gorgeous!! You could make you're own matching bow belt? I saw a tutorial somewhere recently,but can't remember where. It's such a sweet frock,and the fabric is real pretty!Nice job,really like the stripey binding!
    Gah,I need to get my sewing mojo back!! It ran away!

  22. Oh, this is cute. I look forward to seeing a finished show off pic. I am about to start a dress and seeing other people's projects makes for a good kickstart!

    The Hem M A Blog

  23. This is just gorgeous and I so love the binding!

  24. I know its been a few months since this post went up but I have to mention buttonmania on Swanston St because the make belts with fabric you provide for about $25. It takes about a week but the end product looks very polished and well worth it.

  25. I have been meaning to get to buttonmania, every time i have tried its been closed. Thanks for the tip, i didnt know they did covered belts too! :-)


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