Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Crafty Christmas Club.... Hooray!

The lovely lady over at Tilly and the Buttons has come up with the great idea of a Crafty Christmas Club. 

You can read her post about it and join up here
Its such a great idea, Christmas is only 8 weeks away! EEP!

Tilly's definition of Crafty Christmas Club:

"Crafty Christmas Club is a group blog for people who are making their own Christmas prezzies this year. A hub to discuss your crafty plans with likeminded people, gain inspiration from other craftsters, share tips and tutorials, and - perhaps most importantly - show off your finished goodies without spoiling the surprise to family and friends who might be reading your own blog!"

So it looks like its time to get crafty and start making some handmade gifts.
I am personally thinking of making some aprons, purses, buscuits and some other trinkets!

There's already great things happening at the blog and my 'to do' list is growing everytime I look at it... 
So go check it out and join up! the more the merrier :-)

Hope your having a good week, new projects to be posted soon!


  1. what a great idea! I am not sure what I will be making for christmas yet but I know I will be making at least one present. I might have to pop over and check it out.

  2. Eeeek,the C word! I'm sure whatever you come up with will be FABBO!


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