Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Its been a while!
I have been in sunny Darwin soaking up the warm and sunshine and NOT working. It was wonderful, but now I'm back. 
After seeing two street performers having a battle and visiting Kakadu for a beautiful sunset, it was time to come home to the cold and rainy weather! (Boo Hoo).
But the good news is we (me and my photographer) are back just in time for Self Stitched September!!!

But I did come back to a very messy sewing room >>>

Trims trims trims everywhere!

So the sewing mojo was wavering due to NOT wanting to tidy anything (Still in holiday mode)
So I had a bit of a read....


And all of a sudden the mojo came back!
So I did a quick clean up and got cracking on another shirt for my lovely gent.

The man picked the fabric again, and did a good job yet again. Well done sir!

Above:Meet my Pfaff "Penelope"
The pattern was another Ebay grab:

I'm starting to love sewing shirts! whenever I see nice plaids or stripes I think SHIRTS!
I am sewing version 1 with the button down collar in the pretty.... I mean..manly plaid fabric (above) we picked it up in Darwin.
The only problem is there are no instructions for the sleeve plackets..... It just says cut two strips and it has a really confusing picture..........and then....

So after slight frustration it was time for a cup of tea.

And to prepare for Self Stitched September!
Since I have to wear a company skirt or trousers to work Monday to Friday, it may be quite challenging.
 I will have to find all of my tops and probably make a few more too.
But since today was the first day, here is the hard evidence, The paparazzi shot  >>>

So thats me on day 1, fresh home from work, disheveled, grumpy and yelling at my lovely man to 
"take a photo take a photo!"
The self made item is the cardi. Made using: Design it Yourself Clothes Book by Cal Patch.
It is made from a warm stretchy fleece type fabric (thats the technical term... not) and is so warm.
It looks a little wrinkled in this photo... and the garden does look a little overgrown now you mention it.
Oh and thats the lovely work skirt! tee hee

So thats all folks! 
Hope your all well and happy :-)
What is everybody sewing???


  1. That cardi is super cute! Perfect for this weather!

  2. Congrats! You look great and your dude is no-doubt going to too in that shirt. x

  3. That cardi is fantastic! I'm waiting on that book from the excited!

  4. Now I have to go Google Sew It Up, I don't think I've heard of that sewing book!

  5. Got it. It's called The Sewing Bible here in the US.

  6. Thanks for all you kind comments peoples! The cardi is well worn and I have the same fabric in red to make another one, with some alterations of course...
    Zoe: Thanks for the SSS excitement :-)
    Sarah: The book is pretty awesome, I've made a few things from it and plan to make more.
    Isaspacey: Sew it Up is great too. Lots of pictures and decorative techniques.

  7. Cute cardigan! And I like the shirt you're making for your man, he's going to love it!


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