Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day TWO in the Jungle!

Day two of Self Stitched September called for the winter coat!
But its spring... Come on weather catch up....
I was also wearing a me made singlet but you'll just have to believe me on that one...

The obligatory paparazzi shot >>>

Another scruffy after work shot... note to self: Get a haircut
This jacket was made using this pattern and it came together in about two or three days, So quick and easy, considering it was my first jacket.
It is interlined with warm flannelette and lined with a bright red silk lining (which I will have to get a picture of soon, its pretty). I found the buckle on Ebay from one of my favourite sellers, Its a really deep red bakelite but the photos doesn't really show that...
So thats it for day 2 kiddies.
I will be doing daily posts this week but next week I will do the outfit posts every few days so you're not all bored to death...

Hope your having a mighty fine Thursday peoples. The weekend is almost here!!!
I'm going Saab shopping, what about you guys???

Take care ox


  1. oh that coat is gorgeous!!! i'm making one later this fall (it doesn't get cold here til november-ish) and i hope it looks as beautiful as that one!!

    as for the weekend, we're traveling so i'm thrilled to visit some lovely fabric shops instead of the drudgey jo-ann's that i have here. good luck saab shopping, it sounds fantastic!

  2. What a fantastic coat! It looks awesome and I can't believe it was your first! Well done. :) It's boiling hot here still, so no lovely warm things for me yet.

  3. Ooh that's a great coat! Fantastic job. It's coat weather here too if that makes you feel better.
    I used to own a saab, it was my second car - a 1995 white hatchback. I bet yours will be nicer and newer :)


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