Saturday, June 12, 2010


Last night I started on a jacket made of this fabric......

Its so soft and will be fully lined with some pretty butons....
More to come soon, should be finished by end of tomorrow :-D

P.s. Thats my 'first thing in the morning' face.

Hoping the weekend is going swimmingly for you all. 
Will be posting some more pics tomorrow so stay tuned.

Thats all folks...   


  1. Hello Love!!Thanks for visiting my blog! I look forward to seeing your progress,and I am trying to muster the courage-and self made clothing-for September too,as I was too chicken for Made Me may!!!
    I also am keen to see how your jacket turns out!Do we get to see the pattern,or are you winging it?!Love leopard print!

  2. well well well, we have our first comment! Some might say that you popped my blogs cherry.... & In doing so, you have won a handmade gift. if you want you can forward a postal address to my email and i'll send it off asap. thanks for always giving me a laugh miss helga.

    The jacket pattern is drafted by myself. Will post some pics tonight :-) it is done, minus buttons. hopefully it will get some wear in self stitched september! must get on to this self made wardrobe....


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