Thursday, June 10, 2010

The glorious Birth of The needle & thread blog

ohh! its a girl.....

Life is swell.

My name is Renay and I am the only one I know who sews and knits (my friends call me grandma) and I am in desperate need to talk needles and bobbins with other like minded people.

So, I'm setting up this blog mostly in preparation for 'Self Stitched September', since i participated in me made may but did NOT document any of it. Silly girl. But also to get some motivation and inspiration from you guys!

I will be making a few posts in the next few days about what I have been sewing/knitting/doing.

So drop by and shoot me a comment, I would love to hear from you all :-D

Have a good Thursday!


  1. Welcome to blogland, Renay! I'm a novice blogger too and started for very similar reasons, to see what everyone else in the sewing world is doing, trade tips, tricks and inspiration and so on! I love the name of your blog, btw. You're welcome to come visit my blog. Happy crafting and blogging.

  2. Add one more to the list! I just recently joined in the fray also, although I've been knitting and sewing (and proud of it) for quite a while. It's always fun to see what like minded people are up to!

  3. Just been reading your blog, you have some lovely makes. I love that the internet connects us to other people who share our enthusiasm for sewing and knitting. I am the same and my brother also calls me Grandma too lol, mainly for the knitting, but love to sew too.



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