Saturday, September 12, 2015

Vogue 8998, Clove Attack!

Do you sew to wear? Or just for the love of sewing?

Sometimes finished items languish in my wardrobe waiting to see the light of day.
Why? Because I'm busy sewing fancy frocks instead of a real life wardrobe.
Cause that can just get boring no?

Case in point... 

This is Vogue 8998. 
I liked this pattern straight away and purchased from the vogue website during one of their fabulous sales. Vogue for $4.99 is unheard of in this part of the world, gimme gimme!
So I chopped into it as soon as it arrived and waited for the right fabric to come along.

Enter this clove print, Thank you Tessuti.
White? oh yes, how practical. I'll have the spaghetti bolognese please.

Now this is a strange fabric...Strange in a good way.
It is a double organza in a blend of Viscose and Polyamide. 
Stiff, crisp, slightly luminescent and perfect for full skirts... especially on a windy day, whoosh!

So I immediately set to work cutting and prepping this swishy frock to wear on my many nights sitting at home on the couch. 
I mean, prancing around the town on, one of the many, Sunday brunch dates Tom and Nicole. 
Wait... thats not right.

The fit was perfect straight outta the envelope.
 This was mainly to do with the inclusion of different cup sizes thank you Vogue.
I love how more brands are doing this now, us big bosomed ladies are finally getting our comeuppance!

I lined the whole thing in some sexy silk satin and called it a day. Nothing makes you feel nicer than swanning around in silk.
The only problem of course is that you get used to it and now nothing else will do. 
Champagne taste, beer budget and all that...

But actually, the best part of this frock is the gigantic pockets! These hands don't wanna leave you dear, sweet pockets...
Who doesn't love pockets? 
Really, they are an awkwardly posed sewing bloggers best friend.

One admission...
Any pattern matching was unintentional. 
A Fluke, thank you sewing gods. This was a momentary lapse in consciousness. 
Must have been a Friday when i cut this out. Whoops.

There is a centre back zip, look at it.... oh  you cant, its invisible! 
(Actually, its not the best one. I'll blame the stiff fabric for that one...)
I also added a little button to the top to give the zip some support.

The hem is finished with satin bias binding catch stitched by hand. 
(I'll never get those 2 hours back!) 
The lining hem is finished with horsehair, as per the vogue instructions. This makes the skirt sit out nicely at the bottom and is a lovely finishing touch, it feels so swirly and fun.

Hello lover... 
here is a shot of the silk innards for all you fabric pornaholics out there.

So in the end, I'm not sure how this dress fits into my day to day life, but it was a lot of fun to make and I do gaze longingly at it and imagine sunny days and champagne... maybe a yacht.
sigh... someone get married already!

Happy days

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