Monday, April 20, 2015

Named Inari Tee

Howdy ya'll, I trust you are well?

Sorry for being away for so long! I have missed this little blog. But let's not get boring with real life details. Here is a simple top to get back into the blogging spirit!

Fabric: A floral scuba knit with a mesh overlay (SO cool!). From work.
Time: This bad boy only took about 1.5 hrs from cutting to trying

When Named brought out their new 'Ticket' collection I was possessed and accidentally went over to Stitch 56 and ordered up a few. Amongst my stash are the peg trousers, the Asaka kimono, the tulip dress and the lourdes jacket... yup...that was a two minute noodle week. Still coveting the pencil skirt and the bikini... but it is heading into winter over here so that might have to wait!

This pattern comes with two options, a crop tee and a longer tee dress. The crop tee is so tiny that I managed to scrape by with a 70cm remnant of this fun fabric. 
It is hard to show the texture of this one in photographs...when will they invent feelovision?

In my excitement to wear this little tee I chucked it on over a me made dress (an old but a goody), sorry about the lumpy space princess look (adventure time rules).

I managed to score the day off today so thought I would tidy up the sewing room and finish up a couple of odd projects such as boring curtains and a couple of bits to display in the shop. 
Like this...

I am a sucker for cotton and steel's awesome fabric and my purse shakes with fear every time the boss orders some in. Stop it Joy!!!

After finishing up the odd bits there was still plenty of time to bust out something else. Enter the Inari.

Anyways, not much more to say about this little crop tee. It was a quick make and the pattern is lovely, as I'm finding all the Named patterns are. Next up will be that kimono... I'm imagining a silk version to swan around the house in, yesssssss!

A couple of detail shots to feast your eyes upon.

Over and out. 
I'm back baby!


  1. I love that you accidentally went to Stitch 56. That made me laugh :-) I've been steadfastly resisting new patterns, although the kimono is appealing after scoring 5 metres of silk at the op shop!
    Love this top. Looks great & hugely wearable.

  2. Its a slippery slope...they suck you in with their lovely shiny patterns and before you know it BAM your down $100 haha
    What! silk at the op shop...?!?! amazing...

  3. Just a lazy 5m of silk for $6. Which makes the kimono pattern cheaper, yes?

  4. yeah i'll go with yes...its more expensive not to buy it...or something.

  5. Ohhhh this fabric is delicious! I love the mesh :D

  6. Its a bit fun. I wish there was more... I wanted a matching skirt!

  7. its nice to be back!!! what are you sewing? come on i need constant sewing related stimuli!!!

  8. Welcome Back Space Princess!! And WHaaaatttt, no more pretty rose mesh? so it's not the fabric of 2015? sob ;( Love it. Love your hair. Love that you're back.

  9. haha so curls really do get the girls! no more of this one but don't worry, I'll keep you updated on anything fancy that comes in. Thanks for the welcome! I feel like the new kid at school all over again :-)

  10. It's all out of season sewing here! Made Alice and the soho blouse last week - getting all light summary tops made for Cambodia! And definitely need to try and push some more of these out before next weekend when I leave! :) Next up on your table?

  11. Thanks lovely. Glad to be back. Can't wait to get back in the loop with what ya'll are making!

  12. ahh gotta love outta season sewing. I tend to sew coats in summer. I dream of wintery coldness. Have fun o/seas, Im very jelly! next up on the table? hmm more deer and doe bruyere shirts!

  13. Love this top, both the fabric and pattern. Am keen to give this pattern a go in both the dress and the tee. Looks fabulous on you!

  14. Oh thanks! I'm a big fan of named patterns. I highly recommend this one. A quick fun make 👍

  15. Hold the phone. This is amazing! Great job.


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