Thursday, April 23, 2015

Papercut Patterns Rigel Bomber - Everyday Digs #1

So far this year has been all about trying different things. Sewing things that is.
I want to try ALL the patterns. 
I'm doing my best to buy up ALL the patterns and so far its been not only exhausting but also bankrupting! But all jokes aside...

Not usually one to go for casual styles, I'm all about the fancy pants.
Every time a new evening gown pattern comes out it seems to snail mail it's way to my letterbox.
I just want to sew gowns alright! Give me boning, lining, hand stitching!

I can relate... but lately there has been strange happenings in the sewing dungeon.
Everyday wear has been making its way into my self sewn wardrobe!
I am Renay and I'm currently in the mood for addicted to cake.
First case in point. The Papercut Rigel Bomber.

I was never interested in this pattern. 
Too masculine for me I said, too boxy. Just not quite right. 
Until I saw this one and this one!

THEN this cool autumny coloured wool arrived at work and there was a matching ribbing and all the stars aligned! I saw the sign people.
Add Rigel Bomber to cart.

I cut this out in February and it sat there until this month because... harsh Australian summer!
There was also the problem of the non lining with the pattern. 
My overlocker is having a sad moment. As I'm not a fan of looking at the ugly insides of my seams and pockets and since this fabric was fray central, this baby needed a lining.
A gold lining, BLING BLING!

How I hate thee stray thread!
I used the Threads method for lining this one. 
Just bagged it right on in there, with only 2 inches of hand sewing. 
I love this method and will be using it on EVERYTHING from this day forth.
It looks totes profesh.

The only other change made was to shorten the bodice by approx 2 inches. 
I took out some length from the bottom of the pockets so there was no fussing with replacing them.
I am short waisted and make this adjustment on pretty much all patterns. 
This may surprise you (not) but I am short. Just over 5 foot.
Thanks a lot genetics...

The only problem encountered during this make was finding a zip. Argh!
Firstly, there was NO colour that looked good, I settled with this beige kinda colour.
And of course there wasn't one short enough in that colour. I had to shorten it. 
Has anyone shortened a metal zipper? I had to Youtube that biz. And now I have no fingernails...
It ended up working really well (thumbs up) but the colour still bothers me.
I hate you zip.

So thats that. 
Turns out I like the bomber.
I shall leave you with a few parting shots of me channelling my inner male suit model.

how i hate thee stray thread #2 on left chest

thanks ya'll
I'll be back shortly with some more every day digs and also some more jackety goodness.



  1. Ohh, this is so lovely! The living is delish and the zipper shortening well worth it. All hail the awesome of the Rigel :D

  2. Thanks lovely lady. Yeah I'm totally a bomber convert now. go paper cut!

  3. I love this! Where do you work?! I need this fabric!

  4. In geelong @ joys fabrics 👍 it's a lovely wool! Thank you


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