Monday, September 23, 2013

Let's Polka - The Cascade Skirt

Do you ever see something and have to have it right now? 
NOW NOW, as in yesterday?
I had one of those moments when I saw this lovely blog post...
Within 0.006 seconds of eyeballing that silky number, I was on the indie stitches website ordering the Cascade Skirt pattern by Megan Nielssen. Yes please.

As soon as this pattern arrived, all other projects were postponed in order to whip this one up. NOW NOW!
 With only 3 pieces to contend with, it was just a matter of joining the dots really. A little cutting, sewing, pinking of seams, rolling of hem and we are done.
Within a couple of hours, a cascade skirt was born...And I had such high hopes.

Until I tried it on. Shit.
Turns out I'm not an amazonian, lusciously long legged woman.
Why didn't anybody tell me this before?
The high-low hem was totally unflattering on me.
Eek, Back to the workshop boys...

A little hem "reengineering" (Or a hack job similar to that of leather face) and phew! problem solved.
I shaved about 8 inches off the back of the skirt to even it up a bit and re rolled the hem. Ugh.

Now, I would love to have swanned down the street in the full cascadey goodness that this pattern intends however it just looked slightly mullet-ish on this stumpy frame, sometimes you've gotta know when to fold em'.

 So the end result is a skirt that will get worn a jillion times this summer. 
We had a lovely 27 degree day today which was perfect for a test run, this little number got worn on the regular Monday fruit & vege shop run and it was super dooper comfy. I think I'm in love.
Note to self: Invest in comb...

I can see many more cascades (er well its more of a trickling river now, let's face it) in my near future. Very floaty and feminine and good for all that slinky fabric in the stash.

Pattern: Megan Nielsen - Cascade Skirt from Indie Stiches (Thank you Caitlan!!!)
Fabric: Nylon/Viscose (If only there was such a thing as feel-o-vision)
Time: Around 2 hours

OH OH! And this is my 100th post!!!
Looks like its time for a giveaway :-)
Keep your eyes peeled peeps...


  1. I like the wrap part of the Cascade skirt...but not the high-low hem. So I'm happy to see what it looks like without a high-low hem...and your version is gorgeous! Congrats!

  2. I hated the high-low hems when they were all over the cloth store racks so not sure what I was thinking there... haha
    The wrap is nice, very comfy!
    thank you :-)

  3. I love being the root of impulse purchases! I think i shortened mine in the back too, to be honest (it was a while since I had made it when I posted it so I forgot to mention that). The extreme high/low is VERY hard to pull off. I think your compromise here looks great though! It's such a perfect fluttery piece of magic.

  4. So cute! Not going to lie, I'm terrified of the Cascade skirt for fear of the same thing. Sure, that hem looks killer on so many people, but on me...? I have serious doubts. Yours turned out gorgeously, though, even if you had a change-of-hem thought. It's still shows off all the flowy goodness of that fabric and looks amazing on you. Love, love, love it!

  5. love the shorter version to be honest, much more wearable.

  6. Omg that fabric!! You're killing me. Is it from your place? I need to get to Geelong stat.
    Love the skirt... This pattern has been on my list for a while - you've just pushed it further up the list! And I think I prefer less of a hi-lo hem too.

  7. yup its from the shop and it feels just as nice as the green one that we got our mitts on. I think you need to make yourself one of these skirts, its very fun to wear floating down the street...

  8. Thanks Mary,
    I didn't give it a thought until I tried it on! silly...
    It will be very nice once the hot weather arrives!

  9. haha yes thanks for bankrupting me!
    I like the high low on you though... very swish.

  10. This is freaking rad! That fabric is stunning and I'm loving the more even hem with this (hi-lo scares the beejibity out of me). Epic. Win.

  11. The polka dots are perfect! So fun! I like how you made the asymmetry of the skirt more subtle. It is very flattering and so pretty. :)

  12. Cute.


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