Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Time to Confess

Confession #1
This Cambie dress may or may not have been finished over a year ago...
It sees daylight quite often and is amongst the favourite pile.

Confession #2
I have a thing for fabric with evidenced here and in my stash several times over. sigh.
Enough said.

Confession #3
I'm watching The Bodyguard whilst writing this post. 
So if there are spelling mistakes or just general poor writing skills displayed in this post, you will have to forgive me as I am distracted by Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston using samurai swords in their foreplay routines... weird...

This here fabric was an impulse purchase on Ebay. (See previous post on impulse buying... bad! Said compulsion also MADE me buy several metres of stretch cotton sateen today...anyway).
The fabric was listed as a vintage 1950's rayon but once it arrived it felt most un-rayon-ey. 
It feels much more like a cotton, very crisp and light and no rayon drapeyness. 

Whatever the hell it is, it feels amazing... and that print!

I must report that the Cambie pattern is wonderful!
Sweetheart neckline (That I will lower next time, after looking at these photos...hmm the inner granny must have been winning that day), Swishy full skirt, completely lined. 
These are all wins in my book.

Swish swash!
Sewaholic patterns are designed for those lovely pear shaped lasses out there, however I find that they work just fine on my inverted triangle shape too.. somehow.
This one fit straight outta the envelope!
The instructions have you make up the dress and lining and fit the straps near the end. This allows you to a adjust them until they are just right before you sew them in. Love it.
That Tasia is amazing! high fives.

Let's round this up shall we, it's getting slapdash.

Fabric: Vintage "Rayon" & bemsilk for the lining
Notions: Vintage Invisible zip (I wish I could find more of these!)
Time: ?

Ta ta for now :-)


  1. I love it !!!! Really Gorgeous !
    I wish I had the same ^^
    The print is incredible :D

  2. I.Need.This.Pattern!!! This dress is just perfection. Your making me feel so unproductive with this flurry of finished items. I best get back to my sewing ,aching :)

  3. Waaa - LOVE it! Such a great shape and colour for you. And I really love your hair colour too - it suits you so well!

  4. You are definitely on a roll at the moment lady! What a beautiful dress - the fabric choice and the Cambie style suit you beautifully. You look stunning!

  5. Another great make! This is a fantastic shape and colour on you.

  6. Reallllly pretty! This looks amazing on you!

  7. What a gorgeous Cambie. It really doesn't look like any other, in a great way! I love the bold prints you pick.

  8. Wow! You look hot! I love the print, and it is perfect for a Cambie. You are on a roll!

  9. It's a stunning print indeed! :D And how funny is The Bodyguard? I love that movie! :D

  10. Oh wow!

    I just discovered your blog through the link on Colette Patterns, and it feels as if I have hit a visual goldmine! Your color and print choices are delicious. Just look at this fern print! Fabulous. Great combination with the Cambie pattern, it looks stunning on you.
    You have style, lady! Not to mention skills with the sewing machine.
    I already checked out a few posts down, and it's all just more wonderful. Te fabric used for the Elisalix dress made me squeal with delight.
    I have no ideas what your plans with the 'upcoming' shop is on your site, but if it's about selling remnant pieces of your fabrics, then I am all anticipation for sure :-)

    Thank you for the inspiration!

    sushi (at) telenet (dot) be

  11. Helloooooo.....I am loving that fabric and having just discovered you via coletterie's blog will now check out that pattern too....Ta
    Bestest to you and yours
    daisy j
    Ps your clothes rail rocks!!

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  13. LOVE your blog^_^ been sifting through your past posts.pure inspiration.keep up the awesome work. New hair colour is very pretty btw :)

  14. One of my favourite Cambies. That fabric is FABULOUS!!

  15. Hi I have just featured this on my facebook page Sassy Sewing Bees

  16. OMG ! I've just discovered your blog, and it's amazing!! This dress fits you so well, it's super cute!! Keep it up :)


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