Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Another round with Charlotte... (A painted) version 2.0

What is there to say? 
I am currently having an affair.... with separates. How will I tell poor dress? 
Dress knows I love her but I just need some time to explore other garments right now.
They say time apart makes the heart grow fonder so please understand dress, we will be together again soon enough.

All jokes aside.
I was eyeing off this crazy painted fabric for a while (approx. 37 seconds) before deciding I needed it.
 With all that print going on, I thought it best be made up into something nice and simple. 
This could have been a bit too much as a dress with all those flowers next to my face. 
However as a skirt, yes please! Another Charlotte it is...

This is a lovely stretch cotton and it is so bright! It gets comments every time I wear it, guaranteed.
As with the last version of Charlotte, I had to shave many an inch off this skirt. This time I shortened half the length at the hip and the other half at the knee. I didn't want to shave any length off the bottom as the nice pegged shape would be lost, and that is what makes this skirt so nice after all.

This number is lined with stretch bemsilk lining again, wonderful stuff and so comfy! This Charlotte  gets a lot of wear as it conveniently goes with the 463 black tops in my wardrobe. Ha! (The one in these pictures is from Mesop. I am in LOVE with their stuff!) 
My only foible on this make is the pattern placement on the back...not noticed until all sewing was finished and skirt was tried on... eh, you can't win em' all!

Best Robot pose. hmm.

That's about all folks. let's keep this nice and short today. Details are as follows: 

Fabric: Stretch Cotton/Sateen from work
Notions: Hook and bar fastener
Time: 2.3 Hrs... second time's a breeze!

Oh and a little sneak peek... Something nice and bright to warm up this cold winter. Can anybody guess what this is? I bet you can. Its a pretty famous pattern in this here blogosphere...

Sneaky eyes...
Over and out!


  1. Fabulous!!! I love this! What a great print!

  2. Very pretty! the fabric is so cool!

  3. Gorgeous! That fabric is to die for. And the fit is perfect. Is that a Lady Grey I spy?

  4. What a beauty! Such an awesome combo of busy print and simple garment shape. The silhouette is killer on you! Umm, is it a Lady Grey coat?! xx

  5. Love a pencil skirt but I've never made one in such cool fabric. Fine inspiration, thank you. You look amazing in it!

  6. Where do you get stretch Bemsilk? I don't usually line my stretch cotton skirts, as I can't find anything suitable, and anyway I only wear them in summer


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