Monday, March 4, 2013

Chantilly in the Tropics!

The weather here in Melbourne has been soaring in the last few weeks, sometimes I have to remind myself that we are not in the tropics. 
Despite my sunny disposition in the photos below, I have to be honest... I wilt like a flower in the heat. 
I am a winter baby after all.

check out stashapalooza in the background...the shame of it all

So first things first!


Hands up if you love cotton voile....*throws hand up*

Now, hands up if you love Colette patterns... *throws hand up*

Okay...enough of that!

This little number came together one sunny (read hot hot hot) Sunday afternoon. 
It was a frenzy of cutting and sewing and gathering.
No time to eat or drink. Just keep on gathering.

And gathering... there is a hell of a lot of it on this dress, which leads to a nice pouffy finished product.
These pictures do not show the full pouffyness in its true form which is a shame.

Action shot!

The pattern is Colette's Chantilly

Speaking of Colette...I think I own most of their catalogue these days and not one has let me down yet!
Sarai has managed to make a style for every occasion. So far so good.
She also has a way of drafting for a real body, which I noticed after being frustrated with the big 4 pattern companies. YES I'M TALKING ABOUT YOU VOGUE!
Anywho, I have nothing but good words about Chantilly. We are new best friends.

After seeing Tasia's version, I thought it was time to make something bright and cheerful (just in time for the end of summer eh!)

AND...the fabric is from stashapalooza!
I can hear the sound of applause from here.
Two meters down, Six million to go... or thereabouts :-)

Hope you are all well in your neck of the woods, what is everyone sewing?


  1. I love cotton voile! Your dress looks perfect!

  2. Gorgeous! Love that print.
    I haven't tried a Collette pattern yet, but would very much like to try this one! X

    1. You should give them a whirl Helga, They really are as wonderful as everybody says!

  3. You and Chantilly, BFF's forever! It's gorgeous. And lucky us (?) with another week of 30+ weather in the bag, you'll get to wear this a few more times before Autumn sets in for good!
    Love the fabric you've used :)

    1. BFFs indeed. That is until the next raunchy Colette comes along...

  4. This is lovely! I love the colours in that fabric. Very summery! Although I am much more of a winter person too. I love colette patterns. I need to make a few more. I want to redo the ones I made in my early sewing days and make them a bit better.

    1. Thanks Kat. Hope you and the bub are well. oh and that rainbow cake you made.... oh. my. gosh. amazing!

  5. What a beautiful dress! I really love it, such a happy, sunny dress!

  6. Totally gorgeous! Great work. Congrats on busting some stash, feels good eh?! xxx

  7. As someone that doesn't often wear black, can I just say that those colours are gorgeous! :D

  8. I loooove this dress and you look gorgeous in it. I love every version of it I see, actually. Does it really eat up 3.5-4.5 yards of fabric??


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