Sunday, September 16, 2012

The little dress that could...

So with one week to go, I decided to enter the 2012 Tessuti Awards.
The theme this year was spots & stripes, who could resist that?
And who could resist Tessuti Fabrics? mmmm great fuel for my fabric addiction!

The fabric arrived on Wednesday last week. I washed, dried and cut out the pattern pieces.
On Thursday the work began...

By friday it was taking shape.

Then came Saturday morning.
Time to get some speed sewing in because my lovely model Taryn was arriving at lunch time!

4 hours of sewing zoomed by and I finally had a dress, phew!

If you would be so kind, please vote for me (or somebody else... no, please me!)

Click on this link:
And click on the 5th heart on the right hand side.
Easy as pie!


There are some very lovely frocks from some very talented ladies. Check them out.

But for now, I'll leave you with some dress porn pictues...

As modelled by the lovely Taryn


  1. Oh, it's truly lovely!!! You've got my vote lady ;o)

  2. Absolutely stunning! I've voted for you!!

  3. Gorgeous!!! Definitely getting my vote.

  4. This is one seriously gorgeous stripey dress. There hasn't bee a lot in the competition to make me go wow (at least, in comparison to previous years) but I really love this! What fabric did you go with?

    1. I thought it might be a dupion - the glorious sheen and the body of that fabric can't be compared. I had no qualms whatsoever voting for you - it really is constructed beautifully (I adore beautiful innards), especially when I saw you are a Geelong girl too! (well, its past tense for me these days) :)

    2. I'm a sucker for nice innards too. Now if only I was a size 10 so I could actually wear the darn thing!
      Thanks again, Its nice to have some support from some fellow dressmakers. I will definitely be at the next meet up to score some more Tessuti goodness :-) (Any excuse...).

    3. That's the one reason I haven't entered this comp... can't quite wrap my mind around making something I can't wear. You should! I look forward to meeting you :)

  5. I voted for this. And not because you asked us to, but because it IS the best dress on there. Well done! :) xxx

  6. I knew I made the right choice in waiting till the last couple of days to vote.
    I agree with PoppyKettle, the competition this year hasn't had a wow factor for me. Good luck with your entry!
    Ps what pattern did you use? Was it the McCalls Laura Ashley pattern?

  7. Very cute! Love that pattern and the red shoes :)

  8. OMG!!!!! This is STUNNING!!! Well done lovely lady xxx

  9. Amazingly gorgeous! I voted for ya, too. Definitely at the top of the competition!

  10. Just wanted to say thanks so much for your sweet comment on my sewing classes post, it was much appreciated. Zoe xxx

  11. Gosh, that's pretty!! I love the multi directional stripes!!


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