Thursday, April 28, 2011

Running in Circle Skirts

Howdy All
Hope your all well and dandy!
Its been a busy few weeks of sewing & knitting & all things nice around here. 
I have been plotting & scheming around online ventures too!

In Sewing news...

I have been playing around with some fabric dyes.
Using an ombre technique that I found online... somewhere...
I started with my favourite olive tones and have since tried red, navy & even bright pink.

just hanging around with my dummy (Still unnamed! scandalous!!!)

Peekaboo Petticoat
This is the result of the first dye. Made up into a simple circle skirt.
It has a mustard coloured voile underskirt and invisible hand stitching (The whole inside of the waistband!) to create a clean look on the outside.
It has an invisible side zipper and a hook & eye to finish. I made it using a good quality medium weight gabardine, ombre dyes & plenty of LOVE of course..
All in all it cost around $60 to make. Sheesh...

I was wanting to put a few of these in my new Etsty Store in every colour of the rainbow! So...

Questions for you, dear readers:

Do you think that these are sellable?

How much would you pay for one of these handmade/hand dyed skirts? 

How would you photography them? (They really don't look as nice in the pictures!)

Any other thoughts/tips/ideas/input... 

Things that have helped your own etsy/ebay etc. stores??

I'm in desperate need of your input and ideas :-) 

Or tell me if it is ridiculous too! HA

In the meantime, I have been perusing all of your blogs


Have fun and stay stitching!!!


  1. I think they look really nice in the photos! Very cute!

    I wouldn't know how to price them - I guess it depends on the hours you put into it and what the comparisons are on Etsy for other hand made circle skirts - with extra added for the hand dyeing.

    If it cost $60 to make then I don't think you could feasibly sell it for less than $100 and even that would be going cheap cos I'm sure more than two hours goes into making one. And even at two hours that's still only paying yourself $20 an hour.

    They do look really good though! I think you should try putting one up on Etsy (if you have other items in your shop) and seeing if it sells at the price you want it at.

  2. Wow, that is unbelievably awesome!! I really love the olive toned skirt. Really-great job!

    As far as pricing, I think what Esz said sounds bout right. Think about how much time that you put into making it, material cost, etc. I think that the photographs that you took for these are great, but I bet that they are even better in person. Maybe try photographing outdoors in some natural sunlight?

  3. Definitively sellable!!
    I'm pretty amazed that it costs you 60$ by skirt! I think if I have to buy one, I will be able to spend about 80$-100$.
    Concerning the pictures... outside or inside with a plain background.

  4. Oh beautiful I think you should sell them for sure. The skirt is just lovely. I think the cost you would have to base on the amount of time and supplies that went into it ~Happy Sewing Love Heather

  5. Yes, I think you could sell them. $50-80? If it were me, I would photograph them on a dark background, on the dress form, next to a window so you get natural light, and ALSO at least one photo on a person, like you have, so people can see how it fits. And they are SO cute, btw.

  6. Gorgeous! I have been wanting to make an ombre dyed skirt for ages but have never gotten around to doing it. I love how you have made the voile underskirt to give it more volume. Stunning!

  7. Wow these are fantastic. And a great niche idea! I would be love to see a darker version for winter, maybe black into a light grey - if it were possible. I would be happy to pay around $120 for such a skirt. As for photography, what I find looks professional on sites such as Etsy is indoors with natural light, white background if possible. Morning or afternoon light would probably be best to avoid blowing out the colours. A model is appealing too, but not fussed if I see the face, just how it looks on the figure. All the best!

  8. Ahh those are gorgeous! I especially like the olive one. I'd totally buy it if I wasn't a poor college student :(
    Good luck selling them, I'm sure they'll do well!

  9. I would double your costs if not more. The time to sew, the time to dye. I've been wanting to do a ombre forever. I may just be lazy because I found some fabric that is already done and not in jersey.

    Really though don't sell yourself short on these. They are really unique. Get them out there, because from what I see on Etsy most are not dyed by the person but purchased fabric.

  10. Oh no circle skirts on Etsy from what I seen using the search word ombre

  11. Love this !!! All you all the way !!

  12. They're really beautiful. I'd pay at least $120-$150 for one. And even that would be cheap for Australia. Think about what Witchery and Country Road charge for crappy mass-produced skirts!

    Though I guess if you're trying to sell in the USA, they might find that expensive.

    Please don't underpay yourself though! I reckon there'd be plenty of people out there wanting to pay you properly for your beautiful hand-dyed and handmade skirts.

  13. Hello! So, do you decide to sell that skirt finally?
    I chose you among my favorites blogs to give you an award. Just look at my last post... Take care.

  14. Great job! I LOVE dyeing with prfessional dyes... You can get fabulous photography of knits. The lighting has to be better.... try going outside.

  15. I love them. I've been wanting to try my hand at ombre-ing...

    Sorry I can't help with pricing, but I think they're lovely.


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