Tuesday, November 16, 2010

FABRIC!! I need ideas....

The other day we stumbled upon a lovely little fabric/wallpaper shop called Flashback !
So much cool stuff! If you are ever in Melbourne you should check it out for sure :-)
Beautiful bolts of vintage fabric everywhere, books with old samples of wallpaper and more
I made a couple of little purchases.... For your viewing pleasure...

A stripey cotton voile dated from the 60's

I have already started on a project with this one & its almost finished woo hoo

I also purchased a heavier cotton in an bright senorita print!

I have one metre of this and I'm struggling with ideas of what to make.... I need help

Suggestions Please ???


  1. I could quite see it used for a fitted pencil skirt. It's so vivid!

  2. Sorry, I don't really have any ideas for you, but I LOVE that second print. It's so fun!

  3. I see the bright Senorita print as a fun bag!

  4. That second one is so cool! I am going to a hawaiin/tiki party in a few weeks and need a cool print to make a dress. This would have been perfect!

  5. I think either a fitted pencil skirt or a bag. Depends if you want a piece of clothing or an accessory!

  6. I agree a bag would be really fun with this fabric. Maybe a clutch or frame bag?

    :-) Nicole

  7. Can you work that into a contrast fabric, let's say as pockets and matching collar? Would be so hot with a red solid.

  8. Whoa, that is a crazy fun print, the second one!

    How about a circle skirt? You could keep the rest of your outfit simple (white blouse, leather belt) and it would be a fun summer look.

  9. You could take your inspiration directly from the fabric itself (with a little of what Psycho Sue & Tasia said in mind), the Senorita on the bottom right of the fabric appears to be wearing a tiered skirt. Aloha! Ideal to make your precious metre go further by contrasting it with red/white. (You need only use your fab fabric for one of the tiers, and maybe the waistband, to make an impact )If you had any left over you could make a little bandeau top to match, like the senorita on the top right. Wide 50's headband. Hotpants (if you're braver than me!) Vintage style knickers with ribbon bows at the side......Gorgeous fabric by the way. I'd say the 60's voile would look amazing as a top layer on a babydoll...

  10. Miss P has a great idea, that was what I would do too...

  11. I would probably use the fun bottom fabric for either a big, long pillow case or a bag.



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