Saturday, October 9, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Ohh la la... My first award!!!
I was lucky enough to receive a Beautiful Blogger award from the lovely Rachel from Boo Dogg and Me
I love her blog, she is so stylish and classy and can sew her pants off...... or on...??
I especially loved her trio of birthday dresses, you should go have a looksy here!

I was also nominated for this award a while back by the awesome chick over at Kyla Con Stylas Bitchery Stitchery Blog. She makes some cute bags that I am wanting to copy really badly!
Sorry about the late reply! :-)

So the deal is that I need to tell my lovely readers 10 things about myself and pass the awards on to 3 other lovely bloggers... sounds easy enough eh?

Hmm, where to start?

1. At this very moment, I am watching 'The Owl & The Pussycat' from 1970 starring Barbara Streisand and it is actually quite funny!

2. I once had a job at an ice cream shop. After working there for a few months, my right arm was so strong and muscly from scooping. I did get free ice cream for breakfast lunch and dinner though. Every flavour you could think of... toblerone, white chocolate, ferrero roche, tim tam... champage....

3. I was terrible in sewing class in high school. We made a pair of pyjamas and when i took them home, they fell off the clothesline and our dog chewed them up. They were terrible anyways... But after high school I suddenly got the knack for it.

4. Once upon a time, I met the Fonz. We were at Melbourne Zoo on a school trip and whilst looking at the monkeys the man in front of us turned around and guess who it was.... Fonzy!!! crazy

5. I am almost finished my Youth Work certificate, Only 2 months to go...

6. Number six is my lucky number. My birthday is on the 6th of August which is also my mum's birthday. Sorry about that mum, I owe you a birthday. 6 has always been lucky for me.

7. I want a 1964 Ford Mustang. My dream car. In candy apple red. So that is the first thing I'm buying when I win tattslotto, or become famous. So I guess I need to start buying tattslotto tickets... and becoming famous.

8. I love red things.

9. I wish there were more than 3 seasons of Deadwood. Best. Show. Ever.

10. Lastly. I just got a new job. 

Okay that took longer than expected!
Time to spread the love...
The three people I'd like to pass the award to are:

Miss Dandy : A lovely lass with classy style.
Andi B. Goode: A Fellow Aussie Lady.
Fawn & Flower: Who always makes me laugh

Thats all folks. More to come soon.
Have a great weekend!!! I'm off to the sewing room...


  1. So funny that you saw the Fonz at Melbourne zoo! :) I really need to get around to watching Deadwood one of these days. Thanks for passing on the blogger love!

  2. Congrats on the new job!! That's crazy that you met the Fonz and that you and your mum have the same birthday!

  3. Oh, thank you so much! I love your blog. I think I actually found it kind of randomly whilst marveling at the huge amount of Self-Stitched September participants, but I'm glad I did. Is there anything you can't do??

    I failed Home Ec! The only class I've ever failed in my life. I was horrible at sewing and accidentally stitched my final project, a big pillow in the shape of a sundae (I know), to the leg of my jeans, haha. Funny how that works out.

  4. Congrats on the award! Your a super cute girl with a super cute blog and I love to see what your creating over here!! I predict more awards in your future!! ~Heather ;-)
    I changed my blog over to a new spot and shut down the other case you want to visit me over at the new spot here is the link. :-D

  5. O,shit yes,Deadwood is the absolute best shoe EVER alright!

  6. Haha, perfect timing, I just nominated you for a(nother) blog award on my site:

  7. Funny, my mother's birthday is also August 6th, and probably should have been mine too if I hadn't been born so late. Instead, my lucky number is 13 for having been born on August 13th. August is a wonderful month for birthdays.


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