Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Exciting News...

Long time no post...
Renay has been a busy little lady.
Work, Study & Housework make Renay a dull girl.....

Okay, enough of talking in the third person. They say its one of the first signs of being a serial killer... eep

So I have hardly had time to sew. The shirt from the previous post is almost done, just needs buttons... photos will be posted soon (I promise...) 
I am also trying to work on a birthday dress (My birthday is Friday, Excitement!)
I wish I had more hours in the day, does anybody else have this problem? I'm sure you all do :-)

But anyway. Now. For. The. Exciting. News. 
I got my motorbike permit! woo hoo
 I'm looking at vintage bikes like so....

so what to wear when riding these babies??? That is the question my friends....

Hope you are having a great week!!!
What is everybody up to?



  1. nice bikes! my dad has a velocette LE mark 3! the most interesting bvikers gear i've seen was a pair of jeans with multicoloured leather squares overlapped down the sides and over the knees to give appropriate protection. Always remember your helmet and please wear long sleeves (pref a leather jacket)as i cringe when ever i see someone in a teeshirt riding as i know a crash would just rip their arms apart! have fun!

  2. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you have a fabulous day that involves copious amounts of cake, champagne, and presents! Maybe new fabric or a sewing machine....

    Secondly, wowza! Congratulations on getting your bike license. I love all the vintage bikes you've posted - so super cool. Definitely wear leathers, though. You can look super vintage cool and be safe.

    I see you in a hot pink helmet with orange and fucshia flames on the side! Yah!

  3. Why thank you ladies,
    The undomesticated scientist: I looked at some velocette images too, so cool!
    Sarah: there will be much cake and champagne of course! and i like the idea of a bright helmet.... so all those car drivers can't miss me haha

    I will be wearing appropriate gear, not like all the people i see riding around in shorts and t shirts... that scares me...

    thanks again :-)

  4. Congrats on your permit! It's on my (never ending) list of things to do! The old bikes are gorgeous. You'll look sweet in leathers too, you can get a real vintage look with leathers. Keep a bright gorgeous silk scarf in your pocket too. They come in handy when you take your helmet off!

  5. Jen: The scarf idea is awesome! why didnt I think of that?
    Its one of the best things I've done, You should definately do it!

  6. Ooo,happy birthday for yesterday,blossom!!!
    Well done for getting your motorcycle licence!!

  7. Happy belated birthday!
    Congrats on the bike license, how retro-badass is that. Definitely use Jen's idea of wearing a silk scarf with your leathers! And of course, share pictures!


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