Wednesday, June 16, 2010


hmmm where to start..? ok the leapord cardi/jacket, I started it mid last week and itt is almost done. It still needs buttons and button holes but other than that....

The fabric is from spotlight believe it or not and it is a lovely stretch velour haha (It reminds me of Kath and Kim for some reason....). I was in a long line for the cutting counter and saw it on the way... its a dangerous road getting to the counter - Must dodge pretty pre cut fat quarters, Go past the trims and the discount table. tisk tisk. Its times like those that you need tunnel vision.

The pattern was drafted by myself using This book by Cal Patch (which is brilliant by the way), I have only tried drafting once or twice before and this book makes it simple somehow. This is the second version of the "betty jacket" that I've tried (The first is a comfy black one for work) and they fit like a dream! Think I will try the pants pattern next....  should be a challenge.... are they really as scary as they seem?

So, as it was a long weekend I hit the sewing machine, dusting off the fluff from the velour, cup of tea in one hand and a slight hint of lager on my breath after a big day of brewing beer the day before. I decided to make a nice light dress. Ok so I know its winter here at the moment. But my lovely man got us tickets to Darwin and the first thing I thought of was dresses. Light, airy, loose dresses. (I was in Thailand for almost 2 months last year and was NOT prepared for the heat at all!
The pattern I used for this dress has been in my stash for a few weeks its Simplicity 2406

The fabric was a soft cotton voile in a mushroom like colour and the facings were a light pink faille. They seemed to work together but I couldn't quite catch it in the pics. I'm liking the sash and the little hexagonal button that I found in my button stash.

It was quite quick and easy and there were no issues (besides only having black serger thread...bugger!). I have a couple of the other Cynthia Rowley patterns to whip up sometime soon.

Thats all for today ladies and gents and all in betweeen, stay tuned for some knitting tomorrow. I have three scarves on the go and keep making promises for more....

take care :-D

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