Sunday, June 20, 2010

Next project!

Coming up next....

The Sunshine shrug pattern. Thanks Lisette for the pretty pattern. Cant wait to start knitting it up. Oh and it is all on single point needles which is handy. I have pretty and oh so soft orange mohair that I think will work fine and dandy! 
I'll keep this post nice and short since it is sunday night! 

Hope everybodys weekend was great. Will be posting some more pictures during the week :-)

so be good everyone, or be good at it 



  1. What a gorgeous pic!That'll look super cute in orange mohair!!!Mmmmmmm!

  2. That will be a beautiful sweater. Love your hair in the previous post. The rowley dress is super cute.

    Welcome to blogging.

    You are welcome to my place if you are interested in seeing the few little vintage pieces I have made. The post right before the current one is of long vintage evening gloves from the 50s inherited from my late mil.



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