Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Advance 8047

Good morning Sunshines!

It's Tuesday and I have the day off from work. Just about to go to the Big Mill Markets in town and see if i can find some new old patterns! And get stuck into a day of sewing. I have already cut out 2 skirts!

I have been digging around some old pictures and thought I would share some of my older projects... If you care to take a look....

First is Advance 8047, Which I had serious pattern lust after seeing kamikat's version on the Fedora Lounge. So I snapped it up straight away!

My version...

This is one of the first dress patterns that I ever tried. I didn't make a muslin (I rarely do unless it is a pattern that I have drafted myself). I had only made skirts and singlets before and this seemed to be hard to follow, at first, with the vintage instructions that were half worn off! I used a bengaline suiting that hangs quite nicely but it also "lightish" to wear in the summer. It came in a rainbow of colours and I got some in red also. (To make the Colette "ceylon" dress coming up later in this post).

It seemed to come together and was finished within 2 days. I love the neckline and the colour and it fits perfectly which was lucky... although next time I will make it a more pencil skirt, its quite straight.

I'm hoping to make another version soon as I have been staring at this one for almost a year! eek. 

Secondly, Some of my Colette dresses.

2 "Macaron's" (I have plans for more!) and A "Ceylon". I get a lot of wear out of the first two but the Ceylon is yet to see daylight, It is not as flattering on me as the others.

So have a nice Tuesday peoples and I will show you some goodies later if I find some....




  1. Omg that Advance pattern is GORGEOUS!! I'm just about to start 'Sewing July' - I'm planning to make one vintage dress a week in July and this pattern will certainly be on my list if I can find it! I've just moved to Australia and have only just started sewing again, so I'm hoping my little July challenge will help :)

    I'm also planning on getting some Colette patterns, they look beautiful and I'm told they are great :)

  2. These are all very lovely dresses! I especially love the color palettes.

  3. thanks to you both :-)
    Pretty Little Pictures: what size are you? I saw the pattern on ebay in a 36 bust. It was cheap too!

  4. The Advance dress turned out so stunning.They have made some awesome patterns. Would love to see some pictures of you modeling your wears!

  5. Gorgeous Advance dress - what a great pattern! I'd also love to see how it looks on!
    And your Macarons are lovely, I'm working on my own Macaron right now too!

  6. Tasia and Angie- Promise to model this (and some others) on the weekend. Its just so cold and rainy here!

  7. Lovely dresses! The button detail down the front of the blue one is gorgeous!

  8. Oh - I love the Advance dress - you must show it on! I could be convinced to make the long sleeved straight version.....!


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